Amazon request limit

is the limit set per application or globally (all applications)?

I got this error today (did not make >2000 requests per hour) so it's not per IP address

is it possible that the UserAgent or developer code set by MP3Tag is the counter key value? if so, could I obtain my own developer key and use it instead of the default for MP3Tag?

The limit is for each developer account that is also need for authentication with the web service.
At the moment it's not possible to add your own account.

So the application Mp3Tag has one global developer account for which allows 2000 requests per hour?
Is there a similar account for other web sources, e.g.
I always thougt there is no way for the web sources target pages to determine if it is a webbrowser or a script from an application like Mp3Tag which is accesses their pages. Am I wrong?
Is there anything about that which I should keep in mind when writing new scripts?

All web servers have the capacity to record the UserAgent that the client 'says' they are using to access the server.

Here's the most recent agent entry from one of my server logs:

"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.3 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrom
e/6.0.472.63 Safari/534.3"

this information is sent by the requesting client (browser or app).

So if you're using a toolkit like LWP (perl), it'll sent a default string that says LWP unless you change it to say something else (like 'AutoMagic Schmeckler Bunny v4.5'). Some sites restrict access to known browser types to better display content (and defeat spiders and bots)

pone you're confusing things, the amazon scripts don't go to the normal web site, they use an API. Therefore authentication is needed and amazon can control access.
We could still write scripts for the normal Amazon site, but at the moment this isn't possible since Mp3tag adds the authentication string also when you just query the normal site. That messes up the url. Let's hope it gets fixed.

So in other words, you are waiting for Amazon to change things before Mp3tag will be able to use Amazon to fetch album information?

Not at all. Mp3tag can still grab from Amazon - it's only limited.

And now with the latest release of Mp3tag it is possible to write scripts for the HTML page (and there's no limit).

Update: I've made cover search scripts for the Amazon html site (no limits):

Hi, excuse my ignorance - where and how do we write scripts in this program?
Thank you.

That depends on what you understand by "write scripts".

Mp3tag provides a couple of partly different scripting languages.

The Mp3tag "Format" Scripting Language
... used mainly in user dialogs within edit fields of type "Format String" and within some other types of edit fields.

The Mp3tag "Export" Scripting Language
... used within export Scripts.

The Mp3tag "Filter" Scripting Language
... used within the filter dialog.

The Mp3tag "Websource" Scripting Language
... used to import data from a web page.

To write an export script or a websource script, you need any text editor application.



in my opinion the owner of the amazon web service key is allowed to use it only; so it is not ok, that mp3tag use the key of the developer for ALL users/requests.

It would be nice, if i can use my own key.