Amazon Tag resource

I have been trying to connect to Amazon under Tag resources and keep getting error message:

" 400 bad request" Is there a program bug , connection problem limited to here (USA) or some other issue ? Feedback is greatly appreciated!
Sir Lawrence

see /t/11901/1

Same here, and has nothing to do with incorrect date/time.

Thanks for the help!

Same here. Tried multiple computers. Just started today, hope it's just a temporary deal. Sent email to you-know-who.

Unfortunately, Amazon has terminated my associate account so that querying metadata from no longer works.

I'll remove all Amazon tag sources with the next release and encourage everyone to move over to Discogs.

Kind regards
– Florian

Hm. I am using some slightly modified versions for, and they still work.

I think they're still working because Amazon uses different backends for handling API requests in the different locales. Recently, stopped working and now

Since they've officially terminated my accounts (also the account), I'm removing the tag sources with the next release.

Kind regards
– Florian

Darn, I started to experience this too. Thanks Florian for the update.

Just wondering - did they say why are they closing those accounts?

Yes. stated that they're closing the account because they believe that I'm automatically starting sessions on an Amazon Site tagged with my Associates ID in order to artificially increase my advertising fee earnings. I've told them that those clicks are not artificially generated but instead performed by users of a Freeware software that are offered a link to the album page on from within the application. — They never responded. stated that I was encouraging users to click on the Amazon-Wishlist link (which was tagged by my Associate ID) because they're getting something in return for that – which would be the actual software. However, nobody had to go to my wishlist to get the software at any point in time. I've told them so and then they said, that accessing the site via a client-side software is not allowed without their explicit permission. — Okay.

It's really very unfortunate and I prefer to stay out of their business. It was clear from their letters and their responses to my efforts to resolve the issues that they are really not interested.

Kind regards
– Florian

In a way I wonder whether I should have any further interest to use Amazon as my source for my purchases of music as there are a lot of similar offers on the market.

Looks like works as well however and do not? Strange

Yes. My guess is, that they're using different revisions of the backend software for the different locales. It stopped working for some weeks ago and now and

Can't we just use our own amazon api account? I am missing covers and tags now and the other ones do not work as good as amazon did in my tries today.

Its a pity that we don't even get an answer here.

Have you tried to use your own account?

No, is it possible? I think its out of the recent version.

The tag source is not included any more. But you could still try to find out whether it is possible to register a program with Amazon so that you can use the API.

Indeed it would be interessting to create an own associated account and use this for the requests.
The questions is, how difficult is it, to get such account :wink:
Since I work a lot with unreleased promotional stuff, amazon was the best source for relative good ID3 tags for such stuff, while discogs or musicbrainz doesn't list it until weeks after official release day...

Hmm, seems this is nothing which could solve in a quick and dirty way.
To create an associate partner account is easy so far, also to get the needed AWS request IDs, but something seems missing.

@Florian, can you give some little support, how I have to modify the [IndexUrl] of the last Just to change the AssociatePartner tag sems not enough. But adding &AWSAccessKeyId with a fresh greated key works neither :confused: What do i miss here?

Thx for your help :slight_smile: