Amazon Tag Sources/Cover Art Error stopped working for cover art a few weeks ago. I was using fine until today. Same error message for both now.

Error connecting to server:

400 Bad Request

A very similar error message appears if I try and use Amazon for tags too. Discogs and MusicBrainz seem to be working ok.

My system clock is correct.
OS: Win 10 Pro 64 bit
Mp3tag: v2.81

Yes, see the release notes:

Well that explains it. Thanks!

well, but has anybody yet found a good replacement? as far as cover art is concerned, the alternatives from within MP3TAG come up empty in 90% of all cases - AMAZONcom and de were the opposite, 90% good.

greetings - heinz -

Hello Heinz,

I'm quite happy with Discogs. What's your experience there?

Kind regards
– Florian

hi florian, tks for the quick reply.

Discogs asks for an Authorization Code - which i dont have.

is it a (trade-)secret why the access to AMAZON COM and DE was withdrawn? and is
there no chance to get it back? whatever one thinks about AMAZON, it for sure was
the most comfortable and complete method.

greetings - heinz -

PS: OK, got the code entered. but of 5 albums, it found 3, of which 2 without cover.

Hi Heinz,

Maybe I can help you there:

  1. Register an account at Discogs:
  2. Login to Discogs:
  3. Use Mp3tag to query via a Discogs Tag Source
  4. Allow access for Mp3tag in the Browser window that opens automatically
  5. Enter the authorization code that is displayed on the Discogs website in Mp3tag's input field

It's not, you can read details here.

Kind regards
– Florian

I'm struggling with setting this alternative up.
I have a Discogs account and am logged in. In mp3tag I select Tag Sources > Discogs and enter a release title. I select a release from the search results window and click preview to open the corresponding discogs page in the browser, or I can double click on one of the search results and open the discogs page from the link at the bottom of the tag information window. Either way I am not seeing any way to allow access or an authorisation code.

Please try the following

Logout 'discogs' and do not login 'discogs'
Open your audio folder, select (all) files and then click "Tag Sources > discogs"
The 1st small window does appear and your default browser starts to 'discogs' auth-page login
Login 'discogs' and then the 2nd window would appear
Hit 'Authorize' button for 'Mp3tag'
A last window would appear with your code (quit browser)
Fill your code in the 1st small window and you should be done...

Maybe it's my setup, but starting today with v2.84 every attempt to search for cover art, using discogs or musicbrainz, is returning no image. However using the preview button to visit the sites in a browser will show the artwork does exist there.

Thanks. I needed to log out from Discogs and close the browser. The next time I used tag source > discogs I was asked to log in and authorise the application. I will let you know how the cover art searches go...

it was only a one-liner above, but i managed to register and use DISCOG from within MP3TAG - but with more than disappointing results - two out of 11 covers showed up - with pretty standard CDs - 1972 thru 2014. all of them had no problem with the old AMAZON system - sad to see it go.

greetings - heinz -