Amazon Web Sources

#1, and are working for me. I just changed all the in the script below to .fr and .de and saved it under different names.

I hope it will keep on working for quite a while. :sunglasses:


First of all. The script works fine. Is there a way to show the Cover Resolution in the results list, like it was in the earlier versions of the program? Thx


Yes it might be possible. The script I am using was edited by me years ago. I can update it, but I beg for a little patience.


I edited the newer Version of the Amazon Source. It now shows the Cover Resolution.

Amazon.de_custom.src (6.52 KB) for (6.53 KB) for

Amazon.fr_custom.src (6.52 KB) for

On Win 10 all of the files must go here: c:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\data\sources\

Note: you should customize the filenames of at least the .de source as of v283 it gets deleted upon installation. (6.53 KB)

Amazon.de_custom.src (6.52 KB)

Amazon.fr_custom.src (6.52 KB)


Thx a lot. I will try these scripts in the morning. I love this program. It was so genius. And with these script it is, again :slight_smile:


Ok. Everything works fine again! Perfect!!!! Thx a lot.


Ok, so I only use amazon for cover images and it seems .de works fine still in 2.82, but I saw your fix and gave it a try, but pasting your files into the sources folder doesn't add them as options in mp3tag. How do I get them to actually show up?


You should copy the file "", modified by Dave Reid, to ...



Thank you.

For anyone looking in Windows 7, the actual directory is: "C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources"

Here are the files to add to have the sources in the cover art sub menu:

Cover_Art_Amazon.de_custom.src (3.09 KB)

Cover_Art_Amazon.fr_custom.src (3.09 KB) (3.11 KB)

Cover_Art_Amazon.de_custom.src (3.09 KB)

Cover_Art_Amazon.fr_custom.src (3.09 KB) (3.11 KB)


Now these scripts work fine. It will only tag the cover, the other information stays unchanged. Perfect.


yes i'm so happy
i guess it's the only script that can download covers

but i can't have them in a submenu



You just have to change the second underscore (_) to # e.g. " to". This will put them to a submenu named Cover__Art with all Amazon sources in it.


thank you so much!


sadly they stop to work :frowning: :frowning:


I'm afraid so.

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