Another compilations topic




What software do you use to put the files on the ipod?




After looking at some web sites I have doubts that anapod really supports it.

I think you better ask their support.




Yes it should be the same.
But you could try to tag files only with itunes and see if it works better




Does the tag 'ITUNESCOMPILATION' get translated by Mp3tag to the correct id3 tag used by iTunes, which is actually 'TCMP'?


Yes, of course.


Sorry, this has always been a point of contention with me. People are trying to troubleshoot tagging problems across multiple applications and a variety of audio devices, but they can't see the actual tag being written to their files.

There needs to be a means of switching on a 'native' tag view in Mp3tag. The id3 tags will look quite foreign to most people, but it's the only way to see what is actually being written without resorting to some other tool. Most vorbis and ape tags will be the same, with the exception of those oddballs that Mp3tag translates, like YEAR->DATE and TRACK->TRACKNUMBER.