Another "file cannot be opened for writing" issue

Hi everyone,

I cannot stress more how nice this program is. I've tagged my entire collection with it in no time and was very glad I to find the ITUNESMEDIATYPE-tag. Really saved me tons of work. Thank you. :music:

Firstly, a link to the file in question here Link to file

Please press the black download arrow directly below the text "File" on the left hand side of the screen.

It appears only MP3tag cannot edit its tags. Running MP3tag as admin (on Windows 7) did not work.
I then transferred it to my Windows XP workstation, but ran into the same problem.

Please advise as I seem to run into this type of file regulary.

Kind regards,

The file plays only 55s and seems corrupted.

Thank you. For some reason I did not check that. Sorry, this is my fault.

I have had this problem for at least a year. Some files in a list (in mp3tag) produce this error, while some others do not.

Anyone have a solution for this problem- I notice that others have the same problem?

if you use the context menu or the d&d function esp. in Windows 7 then apparently the Windows Explorer is rather curious what has changed in the files he shows in an open window - and blocks them.

So if you either copy&paste the path from the WE or use the MP3tag-function to open a path.
Hopefully, the error will then not occur.

I had this message when I downloaded a wav file from Gobuz. A quick fix for me was to right click on the file in Mp3tag and clicked on "Remove Tag" - I was then able to enter my data. Hope this helps.