Anyone know of a way to Auto-Embed "Artist" Art into MP3's...?

The path would be in the error message also if you'd write a non-existent path in the format string. This could then also be freely posted and quoted by everyone. It simply doesn't help to help you.

My guess is that instead of


it's actually

C:\Users\leeuniverse\Desktop\80s Music\

Wow... Ya, it was me... I figured it out just before you posted.
I don't know "how" it happened since I selected the folder in question, but ya, "Thumbs" wasn't in the file-path...

I'm truly sorry... I didn't sleep at all, and I just somehow missed it.

Really sorry for the stress I caused... Fixing the path corrected the problem.

In conclusion, adding %artist%.jpg to the end of the path for the Action in question was the solution to the issue.
Again, I apologize, massive mistake on my part.... Ugh...

No problem, happy it's working now :raised_hands:

BTW, for those who might want to know...

You can use %albumartist%.jpg instead of %artist%.jpg if you're like me which has the primary artist/group ONLY listed in the Album Artist Tag, so sometimes the Artist and Album Artist can have different info.