Apostrophe vs. Accent aigu

I recently discovered that it is quite hard to discern an apostrophe (') from an accent aigu (´) in the default font. My sight is not the best, but this may also apply to others. However, this discrimination is important, as many online tagging resources (most notable "hitparade.ch") issue an error if the accent is found, or simply do not work. Unfortunately many pre-tagged files use the accent (I´m lucky if I´m catchin´ them all).
Confusing those two may also be at the bottom of many complaints about weird behavior of apostrophed titles, that Florian could not verify.
Suggestion: 1) Allow for a sizable, customizable Font in MP3Tag.
2) integrate an automatic change from accent to apostrophe into the "Schreibweise ändern" feature.

You can easily find files with ` or ´
Filter for e.g.
title HAS ´
title HAS `
and then create an action group with 2 actions, one to replace the aigu and one to replace the grave accent with an apostrophe.

That was quick :slight_smile:
Thanks for the input!
Yes, I understand (although "action group" is still a bit above me).
But you would need to do more. Albums, even artists sometimes have accents. So --- even if you can find your own solution, a pre-configured one would be helpful

Action groups have the discrete charme of being recyclable.
You invest the effort once and then you can re-use them again and again, just like a pre-configured solution.
If this is all about "I don't want to invest that effort", well ....
On the other hand: it is allowed (and actually encouraged) to post one's own solutions. So if you have the time, go ahead and use MP3tag's functions (which already there) to solve your issue - and then participate yet another time in the forum and publish it.
Somebody else already did:

No, not my standpoint. I fully understand taking issue with that kind of attitude - also with people too lazy to read help files and forums.
But there is quite a steep learning curve for newcomers like me. I'm just not yet at the point to see and understand all the options.
I will a some point eventually get there, but I know many others will not. Tagging files is needed by almost anyone, and many don't even understand what a variable is and must rely on built-in automatisms that they can use. It is with that in mind that I have mentioned these feature suggestions.

Anyway, a major part of my post intended to alert people to the possibility of not naming those two characters correctly and mixing them up.
Users in the US even argue that the accent was the right thing to use.

Agreed. But there is help. E.g. here is a post on how to create an new action:

To create an action group, select at least 1 file
In this case create the action group "Replace Accents"
In the action group, click "new" to create a new the action
Select the type "Replace"
Field: _TAG
Search string: `
Replace string: '
Save the configuration with OK.
Now copy this action and set as
Search string: ´
The rest stays the same.
Close the action group by clicking ok until all dialogues are closed.

Now apply a filter and select the files, run the action group and see whether it worked by toggling the filter with F3.

I agree that the misuse of accents is indeed irritating. I hope it's ok to post a small guide here, since this isn't clear to everyone:


I´m in love          I'm in love
It´s allright        It's allright
Rock ´n´ roll        Rock 'n' roll
Mary´s house         Mary's house

Basically, accents (to the left) should not be used to mark omission or possession - only use apostrophes for that.

A background to the confusion: https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs/apostrophe.html

A big "thank you" to you for pointing me to the right spot. It's all there as usual, but you need to know what to search for.
Action groups are no longer an unknown - thanks to you - and I understand the concept now.
However, in an attempt to simplify my problem, I have reproduced this in the Tag -> Tag conversion and run into problems. I think it is better to make this an additional posting here. Will do

It depends on where you use this apostrophes. If you want to contribute for example to MusicBrainz, you should follow their rules:

Use of basic ASCII punctuation characters such as ' and " is allowed, but typographically-correct punctuation (such as ’ for the English apostrophe) is preferred.

Source: https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Miscellaneous

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Just to avoid any confusion for future readers:

  1. Yes, there are variants of the apostrophe.
  2. Nevertheless, an apostrophe is an apostrophe and should never be substituted by an accent.

You did not contradict that in any way, but I just want to be overly clear since this is so often misunderstood.

Yes, and since there are variants of the apostrophe MusicBrainz accept both ASCII and typographic ones, which in reality is the only thing they can do. I only wish that when they opt to say that one is preferred, they would go for the basic ASCII. In the context of metadata/tagging I think simplicity and uniformity should be encouraged when there are choices.

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