App path in Export target

How can I get "Export file name" to reference a path relative to Mp3tag.exe? e.g.



S:\TLIB importing! Curtains\mp3tag..\myfile.txt


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Test.getEnv.mte (1.85 KB)
This should be also possible:
Set by yourself a dedicated environment variable before invoking Mp3tag.exe,
then get the value using the function $getEnv().


Test.getEnv.mte (1.85 KB)

Thanks. I was sure I recall mention, but then found nothing in the docs.

Why the single quotes?

Ah! Could be a great way of parameterising exports and esp. actions in my batchfile-launched Mp3tag.exe commands. Have you tried that?

Hmm, although the string MP3TAGAPP could be or is the name of a predefined symbol or any Objectname, I treat the parameter of the $getEnv() function as of datatype string.
I use it as the textual name for a placeholder, like it is used within the DOS cmd shell.
My syntax colorizer likes it too.
The parameter of the $getEnv function is scriptable, for example ...


Not yet, but it could be done by invoking a batch file, which at first creates the environment for the subsequent call to the Mp3tag application.


I guess the value has not yet included single quote :slight_smile:


One can also think of quite specific uses.
With Mp3tag via export do create a cmd file, which in turn, when executed, opens a new Mp3tag session, respectively replaces the current session, with a new preset environment.


I use Mp3tag as a semi-manual batch commend in otherwise automatic tag processing, so I would love to know how to get app launch to automatically run an action and then quit.

One could imagine:
A command line parameter for Mp3tag.exe, which receives the filepathname of a simple text file (filetype .mtb .mtbatch ???), in which each "Action" line contains the name of an action group (the filepathname), so that Mp3tag can execute the named action group.
Comment lines should be allowed too.
If "Comment" lines or "Message" lines could be displayed in a simple message window, this would be fine too.
This batch run message window should have a button to exit the batch immediately, if necessary.
Such a batch process would run on the full responsibility of the user, because there is no turning back or "undo" of any change applied while batch time.


One sure could.

That would be great.

But IIRC Florian has said he will not support commandline scripting of actions.

I'd prefer no GIU. Just console.