App won't open in Mac

So recently, when I added a directory, the app freezes. Sp, I decided to delete the app and reinstall it again. However, I wasn't able to run or even start up the program. Im using a MacBook Pro 2015 for this app. Please can anybody help? Mp3tag version 2.78

See if this thread helps: /t/17108/1
It is on updating the wine emulation.

Thanks. But I'm using the one with win included inside. Also, some files seems to be missing in ~/Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_146685941214252. Where can I get those files? As even after re installing, the files are still not there.

Did you see this thread:
So if you use the recommended version, it could well be that you have to update Wine.

I know but in that de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_146685941214252 I'm missing user.reg. Maybe try running your application support. I only have 3 files in there. Was wondering how to get the other files.