Appearance of multiple album art


I'm using 2.39m having upgraded from 2.38 in the hopes that this 'bug' would go...

Sometimes when I add albumart to a file (or collection), I find that it doesn't display properly. The added image will be a jpeg of 200x200ish size of a type that I've used many times before but when I add it, the blank image at the left has 0/2 under it with '< >' arrows. When I click right, it says 2/2 with the correct image, clicking left again gives me 2/2 with no image and from then on no amount of clicking will bring the image back!

I've tried going to extended tags and deleting the image and re-inserting it but I get the same effect.

Is it something weird about the image?
Is it something weird about mp3tag?
Is it something weird about me?

Thanks and any info or advice!

Can you upload such a file and post the link here?

Ok, it's currently living here:

Hi, this file has an emtpy cover tag which makes these troubles.
You can remove it, but you must delete both covers.
Easiest way is, you make a new action
Select action type "Remove fields" and enter PICTURE

Or by hand, right click on the cover window in the tag panel, select Remove cover and press Ctrl+S
, repeat.

You can also add a new column to the file list that can indicate you have an empty cover tag.
Use Value: %_covers% - %_cover_size%
If it shows 1 - 0 or 2 - 0 the first cover is empty.

Dano - that's perfect. You deserve adoration from all who gaze upon you and a thousand maidens bearing fragrant rose petals to drop at your feet.

This has been fixed with the current Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

Excellent, just installed it. Thanks.

Did all the maidens turn up?