Append tag to variety of existing tags/files?

I'm hoping this will help me make some smart playlists...smarter.

Imagine I have 2 tracks tagged as A and B in their respective genre tags. I want to append X to both tags at the same time so I end up with AX and BX. Extending this idea to ~100s of tracks with a wide variety genre tags is what I want to do.
I'm still learning my way around mp3tag but haven't quite figured out how to do this yet.


Have a look at the FAQs on how to append a string to an existing field

Thanks for the speedy reply ohrenkino, I got it to work...which is a start.
Instead of having to custom roll an action each time I guess what I was really hoping for was to be able to drop 10 files into the browser and there would be an "Append" header (?) in the genre tag field that I could just add necessary words to.
Also OT, but is there a way to search for words only within ie genre tags?

Instead of an action you could also use Convert>Tag-Tag.

See the help on filters

Thanks, I'll do some more study/research :slight_smile: