Are web sources able to parse https URLs?

Hi Florian, hi Dano, hello all tech experts.

Are web sources able to parse https URLs?

The problem arises at the google images cover script, where the old HTTP url directs you to a HTTPS page for some time now, which broke the script. When I try to write the https url into the script via the [IndexUrl]=... line, I get a error message:

"Error connecting to server: ...

Invalid URL"

Instead of ... is whatever is written into the [BasedOn]=... line. A line of which I thougt previosly it hasn't any function at all.

SteveHero has a similar (the same?) problem at trying to modify my soundcloud script, which also needs the use of https for a working search function.

Is there any known solution? Any ideas?

I don't think it's possible.

That's a real pity. What I noticed is that only when you go CTRL+A then view selection source is when you retrieve the info that is what you want to parse. Not that that is any good to find a solution. But just something I picked up on in my trouble shooting.