"artist album" tag not displayed in mp3tag

hi, firstly would like to say, this is THE best mp3 tagging program to date, ive tried a lot of them and i still think this program beats em all for flexibility and ease of use!.

ok onto my problem, i have ordered all my mp3's into folders correctly and used the filename to tag facility to tag them, they are now all tagged by artist, album, title, and genre correctly and im very happy.

however i have recently built a microsoft media center 2005 machine which allows me to play mp3 files and have run into a rather nasty brick wall. basically microsoft uses the "album artist" tag (by that i dont mean album and artist tags) to allow a user to view the album name correctly, however mp3tag does not seem to support the "album artist" tag so i cannot tag any of my mp3's.

does anybody know how i can add support for this in mp3tag, or at the very least recommend a application i can use to add the missing "album artist" tag?.

any help with this much much appreciated!!.


Can you tag a file with Windows Media Player and then load it in MP3Tag? Check the field name by pressing [ALT+T].

hi sebastian, i did as you suggested, tagged the mp3 file using wmp 10 then ran mp3tag on the directory and pressed alt + t to display all tag info, this does NOT show the "album artist" tag info, any other suggestions?.


"album artist" should be displayed as BAND in Mp3tag.

hi dano, many thanks for your reply!!, one more question regards this, im using the built in function of doing a filename to tag, how can i duplicate the tagging of the band flag and also the artist flag when using the directory structure for my tag information?, such as i use the format %artist%\%album%\%title%\ so how can i incorporate the %band% tag without it thinking its a seperate folder? or different in some way?.

i basically want the band and artist tag to the be the same when using the filename to tag tool.

many thanks,

I think it's impossible, but you can copy the values of %artist% to %band% after getting the infos from the filename with an action "Format value".

hi dano, so the only way to do it would be to tag them once and then re-run the tagging process again changing the format to \%band%\%album%\%title%\ to fill in the band tag info?, there is no way of reading in the directory name for both the artist and band tag and giving them the same value?

Yes. Either an action or converter again with %band%\%album%\%title% or %band%\%dummy%\%dummy%

Did you do a mass edit to change all the "Band" tags to Album Artist, if so how did you do it. (Be gentle with me I'm new to this"

See here.