Artist / title in the same field

I got thousands of legal mp'3 from ripping my cd's. The only problem is that with all my various artists albums MP3tag puts the artist and the title in the "title" tag.

eg. if I take artist "Metallica" with the title "enter the sandman" it looks like this:

Title: Metallica / enter the Sandman
Artist: various

It should be quite simple I guess to change as it always is devided by the "/" but I'm a newb and can't find this particular problem in the forum or help file :book: .

Help anyone??

DJ Thijs

Create a new Action Group with a single action:
Type: Guess values
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %artist% / %title%

Then untick all the other action groups and apply only this one to selected files.

You can find some other useful action samples here: /t/967/1