Artwork missing but OK in iTunes?

I'm sure this must be because iTunes does it a weird way but I dont know for sure. Is there a fast (batch) way I can find any/all of my music files that have "incorrect" artwork?

Thanks for the great program.

Itunes puts its artwork in a separate database. It is not embedded or put into a folder.jpg file in each directory. So you either have to copy and paste (to embed) album by album, or use something like this to automate embedding itunes artwork in the files:

Only 5 bucks and well worth it if you have lots of itunes songs with artwork, but not yet embedded in the tracks.

I figured as much. Pain in the B%$@. I've put "most" of my album art in via MP3Tag but of course I dont really know how many I mite be missing. I'll prolly give it a try. Thanks!

Just to clarify, iTtunes stores the artwork in up to 3 formats (128x128, 256x256, 300x300 or 400x400) in separate ict2 files.

These itc2 files are stored in Sub Directories under: My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Album Artwork\Cache.

The name of the itc2 files consists of the Library Persistent ID and as second part the Persistent ID key for your music file in the iTunes library. example:
(note: The Library Persistent ID should always be the same)


The Library Persistent ID and the Persisent ID for your music file you can find both in the iTunes Library.XML file

Library Persistent IDAFDECED0FACD54DC

NameSample Title
ArtistSample Artist
Persistent ID5E506F52B7E660F4
Track TypeFile

To extract the itc2 to image files, use, it's a lot of work, (So not the quick fix you're looking for) but you can recover most of the artwork.

If you tag your music files with Images larger then 400x400 you will have
to re-download / search them again as the max. size that iTunes stores is 400x400.


Are you sure about this. I have several mp3/aac files that mp3tag shows as having 500x500 or larger artwork (embedded) and when these files are imported into itunes, the artwork shows up just fine. I suppose that what itunes adds to its database may be converted to 400x400, but my point is that larger artwork does seem to transfer to itunes library just fine.

edit: perhaps you mean that if I ever "export" the itunes artwork to the files for some reason, I'd end up with 400x400 because itunes saved it as such.

Sorry for the confusion, but Yes that's what I meant.
You can always of course convert the 400x400 back to the original size,
but you will always lose quality, that's why my advice.

PS: And of course the original "embedded" cover art in your music files will stay untouched. iTunes merely makes copies of your artwork in it's itc2 format.

EDIT: 10:01 (Added PS)