Attempting to change set cover types

is where I start

is where I start

is what I'm trying to do

is where I end up

It always changes back to Front Cover, no matter what I add after the original image from either of Discogs or an added screenshot.

How can I force it to take the type I want? Thanks.

The default is front cover.
Once you have set the cover type(s), you have to press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
Or you import a picture from the file system with an action where you can set which type it should be.

I have cleared all of the existing covers. This is what it looks like.

Now I will attempt an action to bring it in.

The action in question.

next post...

For some reason it brought in 2 of the same pictures, though I only pointed at 1.

As you can see, it still went back to the default, though I told it not to.
Since there is a limit of 3 uploads, I will start the new one now...

This is the attempt at the change with Ctrl+S method.

This is the result of the Ctrl+S save.

Since I can't get to the source, is there a way to change the default or would I have to re-install while losing the configurations and saved actions of which I have plenty for my workflow? Thanks.

On USA Eastern Standard Time (UTC-4)

I show you my workflow
A file without picture - the displayed picture is that which is found in the folder. You can see that it features the full file name.
The only available function in the picture frame context menu is now "add cover"
... which I do and end up with
the default front cover.
I now use the picture frame context menu again and set the cover type to "video capture"
and press Ctrl-S.

Which type of files are we talking about?
MP3s? or FLAC?

The files are of the mp3 variety.

I used an mp3 file for the example, so that should work.

I just did a restore function on my OneDrive, so it is taking longer to load some files. However, I'm not understanding your workflow as for the picture frame action. Is this some sort of script that I can import? My coverart is located at C:\Users\herbi\OneDrive\Documents 2019\Audacity\Cover Art (this is for consistency and ease of access).

The picture frame is simply that part or the tag panel where you can see the embedded picture or the one from the file system or just an empty square.
This object has the function to embed and manipulate the embedded picture

This, I believe, is what you are talking about? That is what I see in the Picture Frame.

Exactly, That's what I meant.
The menu function "Set cover type>" should show all available attributes.
Select the one you want,
then check the description next to the picture frame which should now show the new type (which is probably not "Front cover")
then press Ctrl-S to save the modification.

I do exactly that, but when it goes to writing the data, it always switches to Front Cover before saving; doesn't hold the value I want.

As it works over here, I think we have to investigate whether this is a local problem.

Does this happen to all files, even those that have been treated successfully in former times?
What happens if you copy one of the files to a local folder and tag it there?
Also, it could be worthwhile to see whether there are only ID3V2.3 tags in the file and not APE tags.

Thanks for your help. I'm about to step out now, but after the directory restore from OneDrive, the program has been crashing for reasons I can't explain. I will have to uninstall and reinstall. If I back up the C:\Users\herbi\AppData\Roaming\audacity folder, will I be able to restore my configurations and actions? Or will I need to back up additional folders before Windows uninstall does its thing?

MP3tag has nothing to do with audacity.
See here for possible locations of configuration data:

My apologies, I was thinking of Audacity because that is where I store some files for mp3. Thanks for being patient with me; I will figure this out.