Author/book/*.mp3 - autor as tag: artist

I have audiobooks arranged in folders: author/book/*.mp3
I would like to use the folder name "author" as the tag: artist.
Is there a way to do this?
Does the program have any tool to automate this process?

thx for help

Yes. Use the Convert Filename -> Tag (ALT + 2)
with the format string


If you want to use the other parts in your folder name, just replace %dummy% with your target fields, like %album% or %title% or whatever tag you wish.

Use Converter>Filename-Tag
Mask: %artist%\%dummy%\%dummy%

Should work for all selected files.

can this be done using actions?

Yes, but only without preview. So be careful and double check if the content for your artist is really always to find in the parent directory of your selected song.

Actions -> Action Type "Guess Values":
Wait, I have to check it again...
Source format: ARTIST
Guessing pattern: %_parent_directory%

Hmm, unfortunately this doesn't seem to work...

If you find a solution let me know.
The previous solution is sufficient for now.
Certainly, the program will make fewer mistakes than I write from the hand.
"The most unreliable component of a computer is the organic connector between the chair and the keyboard."
Thank you all very much.
Best regards

I think I found a solution in 3 steps:

1.) Split your existing path into a temporary tag field, like MY_SPLITTED_FOLDERPATH with an
Action Type "Format value"
Format string:
this would look like this if you press ALT + T:

2.) Get the needed item from the newly created MY_SPLITTED_FOLDERPATH tag into the ARTIST tag with a second action:
Action Type "Format value"
Format string:
The number after the comma indicates the item number. In our example
C: would be item number 0
Temp would be item number 1
mp3-Test would be item number 2
author would be item number 3
book would be item number 4

3.) Clean up all the no more used MY_SPLITTED_FOLDERPATH tag fields with an action
Action Type "Remove fields"
Fields to remove:

Thanks go to DetlevD for his idea.

You could use "Guess value"
Source: %_path%
Target: M:\MyMusic\Artists\%artist%\%dummy%
Please note the case sensitivity of the target.
Describe in the path all the parts that are the same for all files with text constants and then add a %dummy% for each variable but unwanted part.