Auto Rename/Copy of MP3 Filename to Title

Hi All,

I'm new at MP3 Tag. Having a hard time following some of the instructions, so my apologies in advance if this is an easy question.

I am trying to take radio show filenames, like this one:

and, by using an auto convert routine, take "just" this portion:
"copy" just the portion shown into the Title tag field.

Since there are hundreds of these Superman radio show files, I would also like to run a routine to do this automatically for all of the filenames.

Is there any way to do this? Can anyone please assist?

Many thanks for the help!

Try Convert>Filename-Tag with
Format string: %dummy%_%title%
I would have assumed that the data also contains ...
Releasetime: 1940-02-14
Track: 0002
Title: ClarkKentMildManneredReporter

Which would sum up to this
Format string: %album%_%releasetime%_%track%_%title%

Which, after the data has been stored in TITLE, should probably be split somehow into individual words, like suggested in this thread:

with Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%title%,'(?<!^)(\u\l|(?<=\l)[\u\d])',' $1')

Hi Ohrenkino,
Thanks, this worked perfectly! Much appreciate the help and quick response!

Now, I see this result in the preview notepad screen:
ningCompany.mp3" ->
title: 1940-03-08_0012_TheNorthStarMiningCompany

Would really love to use a Function to auto split the component that reads: "TheNorthStarMiningCompany"
into this:
"The North Star Mining Company"

But there is so many episode title names. And given they are all different, I assume that is not possible to use a particular Function that would batch all of these into one change, correct?

Could you describe with a little more details what you did?
Did you use the format string with %dummy% at the start or the one with %album%?
once you imported data into TITLE (as is, all words still clinging together), use a second Convert function, this time Conver>Tag-Tag for the field TITLE with
Format string: $regexp(%title%,'(?<!^)(\u\l|(?<=\l)[\u\d])',' $1')
This function only looks for a sequence of "lowercaseUPPERCASE" and inserts a space.
It does not matter what the text is, only the pattern matters.

Hi Ohrenkino, thanks again. Was able to separate the words using the Convert function sent.

One more for you, if you don't mind....
What function would work with removing leading X's in the filename, as follows:
"XX-XX-XX Mr. District Attorney Goes To Court.mp3"

When converting that filename to a Title, I just want to use the "Mr. District Attorney Goes To Court" section in the Title.

I tried the Dummy command, but it did not work. It appears the leading X's are hardcoded somehow in the Title and can't be separated. Thoughts?

Are these really x-ses or do they represent numbers?
If these are really letters, then this should work:
XX-XX-XX %title%
If the X represents a number, then first import the whole filename into TITLE, then use Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE with
Format string: $regexp(%title%,\d\d-\d\d-\d\d ,)

Thank you sir. That didn't exactly work that well. Apparently, when I use the regexp function, it cannot separate the date from the episode title cleanly. I also have other variations, as follows:

"The Shadow 41-03-09 (218) Murder Underground" or
"41.03.09 (218).Murder Underground" or
"41-03-09 Murder Underground"

etc. etc.

All I want is "Murder Underground"

What mp3tag "should" do is provide more clear examples of what function to use.
Apologies for asking again, but can you help?

Thank you!

My output cannot be any better than your input.
So if you have completely different patterns then the initial suggestion won't work.
If you want to remove a sequence of numbers with some kind of arbitrary character in between, use
Format string: $regexp(%title%,\d\d.\d\d.\d\d ,)
This will not get rid of the single numbers in brackets, though.
For those try
Format string: $regexp(%title%,\(\d+\) ,)

If you still have to import the data from the filename, it may be worthwhile to leave out the unwanted data in the first place.

Convert>Filename-Tag would import only the bits following the dot with

%dummy% %title%
would get just "Murder Underground".

Thank you again. The last suggestion you provided for "41-03-09 Murder Underground" worked very well (using %dummy% %title%). Fairly straightforward.

However, not being a programmer; and not being that good using format strings, I seem to be struggling with editing different filename strings, and using your suggestions.

For example, for something like:
"The Shadow 41-03-09 (218) Murder Underground" or
"41.03.09 (218).Murder Underground" or
"The Shadow 53-xx-xx (201) Murder Underground"

I cut and pasted your suggestion, but the Preview window either shows blank or a different result. Sorry. Again, not very good at understanding the string logic you provided, and the small user guide doesn't deep dive with specific examples. So maybe I'm just not picking up the suggestion and applying it all that well. Should I not be cutting and pasting the suggested string exactly as you have provided? If I am doing it right, by cutting and pasting your suggestions, then the only thing I can think of is that there is something wrong with the tag itself.

Much appreciate your help and sorry to keep bothering you with this. I just don't know where else to turn and it's frustrating. I guess I expected the app to be more intuitive, but that may have been expecting way too much.

Thank you again.

Where did you paste it? The stuff with %dummy% only works in Convert>Filename-Tag.
And yes, regular expressions are fairly picky in respect to exact representation of the pattern they describe. Sometimes it is an overlooked space character or a different hyphen that spoils everything.
If in doubt, post a screenshot that shows the problematic field in its full beauty.

Thanks again. Here are the screen shots you requested. The Preview in the action boxes shows the results of the function strings you recommended. I cut and pasted your recommendation into the spaces provided in the action box. Perhaps you can send back screen shots showing me what I did wrong, and how it worked for you on your end. This would avoid any confusion going forward. I am hopeful to do a mass, batch change for all filenames to automate the process. Thanks again for the help.

If I see that correctly, then the filename is
"Stand by for Crime 53-xx-xx (01) The Communist Menace (2)"
I would import the data with Convert>Filename-Tag
Format string: %artist% 53%dummy% (%track%) %title%

This is very frustrating. This should have worked based on your exact instructions, but as you can see from the screen shot, it did not. What am I specifically doing wrong? Why are these app help instructions more simplistic? Not a programmer or someone comfortable with using Functions. Thoughts?

Sorry, never mind. LOL
Figured it out.

I did the tag edits in two separate steps.

  1. Filename - Tag for all files above the files marked with "Nightbeat - XXXXXX" using %dummy% %title%. That worked perfectly.
  2. Filename - Tag for all remaining files marked with "Nightbeat - XXXXXX" using %dummy% - %dummy% - %title%. That worked perfectly as well. Just got the title and not any date field at all; especially since they are Xs, which I didn't want anyway. So I'm fine.

I have to remember the logic sequence of Artist, Album, Title, as if it is a music mp3 file and not an Old Time Radio file.

Now, I need to still learn how to use the Functions. They remain very confusing to me. One day, I suppose I'll learn those as well. The problem with this app, is that when they list the Functions, they don't show examples of how they should be used. They assume everyone knows exactly how to use them. They don't.

Thanks again, and sorry to bother you.