Auto-tag cover art for collection

My music is arranged in artist/album/
Each album folder has a folder.jpg of the cover art in it.
I cant figure out how to AUTOMATICALLY add the album covers to the correct songs for my entire collection.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi Eli!

Just create a new action Import cover from file and enter folder.jpg as format string for the image filename.

Best regards,
~ Florian

works ok, except it has crashed 3 time on me while in the process. And each time I have to re-scan 12000 songs to restart mp3tag and then it reproces all of the files, including those it has previously added cover art to. Any way to get it to skip songs with cover art?

You can create a new column via View > Columns for the number of covers included in the tag by using the %_covers% placeholder. This placeholder is only available with the latest Development Build.

Would be great if you could reproduce the crashes. It's maybe due to some broken JPGs.

Is there a way to not have to re-scan the library with each startup? This takes ~15-20 min on a 2500+ with a gig of ram.

No. This is not possible.