Automatic/scripted import of album cover

I searched the forum but couldn't find a specific answer to this question.

I have all my album covers named "folder.jpg" in the same directory as my CDs (in mp3 format).
This allows windows explorer to show each folder icon as the album art when viewed in thumbnails mode. However, this picture is of course not imported into the ID3-tag.
I am using an iPod classic and want all the mp3 to be visible with the album art. For this to work, the picutre file has to be imported into the tag. Currently I use iTunes and manually chose "artwork" and click on the picture-file I want to use, which is very time consuming.

I have used MP3Tag for a long time, but I haven't figured out how to make/script that all mp3-files on my computer automatically import the file named folder.jpg located in the same folder.

Can someone please explain how to do this?


You can use the action type

Import cover from file (with the string folder.jpg)

Or you can look for ipod sync software that works with folder.jpg

Thanks, that solved it!