Automatically embed a image to all songs in a folder?

Is this possible with MP3TAG

For Example I have two folders:
Kura - Skank
Hardwell - Spaceman
they both have a cover art image in them but its not embedded into the mp3
I want to automatically embed every image to every file in that respective folder?

there is an action for that: Import cover from file.
You can enter a string constant as filename like folder.jpg or cover.jpg or a string with wildcards like *.jpg which takes the first picture file that is found.
Or you enter a format string like %album%.jpg if the file is named like the album.

I can't seem to find that action

See the FAQs on actions: /t/967/1

You have to create a new one.

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If you use the wildcards then MP3tag uses the first picture that the OS returns. So it is a little random.
Pictures are embedded for all the selected files, the search always starts in the directory of the current file.