Automatiucally switch [first name] [last name] by script?

Hi everyone,

I have the following question.

I've ripped a huge multi-artist collection with over 100 CDs and want to automatically do the following:

  1. In the artist tag field I have the following name: Marv[space]Johnson
  2. I want to automatically, somehow, change this into: Johnson[comma][space]Marv
  3. I have to do this for most of 1700 files, so some automatic process would be helpful.

Note: Most (but not all) artists are like this, so this should work (only) for all the selected files (and leave the ones that are different - not selected - untouched).

Is this at all possible?

Thanks for your help or any hints as to how I could go about doing this.

Since mp3tag can do just about everything but bring one's slippers to the bedroom in the mornings, I suspect there is a way?


To answer your question: Yes.
Read there:
Regular Expressions


Thank you.
Works perfectly.