Autonomic list of my library

Hi, guys! I am newbie. Tell me, you have a ready-made export profile file. I need to create a backup of my library, but without files. I wish there were covers, sorted by artist/year.
I like ..:: Album / Compilation List ::.. (for example)
But when I use it, the covers are not displayed. And there are strange links to files, I don't need them.

In general: MP3tag exports only text files that will be interpreted by a target application afterwards.
By definition, a text file does not contain any pictures.

What you linked is a html export that can probably read by a browser - and if you look at html files, you will find that they also never contain any pictures but only links to picture files.

Which target application should use the backup?

I assume, you have downloaded the export file from this thread:

Specifically the "html_milka_album_list" as listed:

If you select your album in Mp3tag and export it in the "html_milka_album_list"-style, you get the album without cover. The reason is easy:
The exported HTML code expect that you have a (separately extracted) file called cover.jpg in every album folder.

If you don't like anything in the existing style, you have to adjust/edit the downloaded *.mte file manually in a text editor.

I don't think that any of these beautiful representations can serve as a backup.

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