Autonumbering by action within an album


I have created a master action that, amongst other things, auto-numbers the selected tracks (0-9).
For this, I used a Format Value command for the track field such as:


The problem is I like to run this command right at the end of tagging multiple albums and so I'd like the numbering to happen per album. In its current state, the action just keeps numbering across all selected albums continuously.

Has anyone done this or can they point me in the right direction on how to achieve this?

Much appreciated!

To achieve this you have to use the autonumbering wizard and can't use the action.
%_counter% just counts the marked files and does not care about folders or albums.

I also use an action instead of the autonumering wizard but I take album after album.
I cannot see much practical benefit if the action would be able to care about albums or folders, because you have to sort the files in the right way for numbering anyway and then for several albums before starting the action.

New forum participant here...

I joined because I had a question about autonumbering. Frankly, I didn't see the wizard. So thanks for prompting me to take a second look.

As for the initial post, clicking the check box "Reset counter for each directory" would solve the issue for someone who keeps their albums in discrete directories, like I do.

If you want to use the autonumbering you must have your files in correct tracknumber-order.
As long as you don't have correct tracknumbers sorting your files this way requires to do it manually.

If you want to use the reset counter feature you have to sort at least the files of 2 allbums completely before using this feature.
For my workflow I can see no practical benefit to first sort several albums with the risque of destroying the ordner again with an unwanted mouse or keyboard use and then autonumbering all sorted albums in one go. For me its much easier to do it album for album.