autonumbering wizard


I just wonder how to add "autonumbering wizard" to the "Actions" as one of the rule.


autonumbering wizard cannot be addressed via actions. (This has been a long running suggestion, though - but in actions MP3tag only looks at the current track, so it does not know anything about different directories and stuff.
There is the variable %_counter% which counts from 1 to n in a given selection. This variable does not get reset by definable criteria nor does it start with a given value)

thank you! however, I like to add "0" in front of it, the reason is that, I rename the file name in the end by using tag to filename. The Track is part of filename, therefore, adding "0" helps to sort the file in the windows file manager.


haa.. I made this into Actions :slight_smile:

  1. create one "format value" "track" "%_counter%"
  2. create "regular expression" "track" "(?<!\d)(\d)(?!\d)" to "0$1"

hope this helps others :slight_smile:

It's much easier:


You could yet reduce the number of actions to 1 if you modify the first to "format value" "track" $num(%_counter%,2)
Adds a leading zero to any 1-digit number.

thank you!