Batch Edit

Hello -- I have an old mp3 player (neuros) -- I does not have graphics, so I would like to make a copy of my mp3 library and delete all the cover/album art from all the files -- can this be done in a batch operation? thanks

You would have to load and select all the files you want to treat.
And as the next sequence is just as long as calling an action I would do it like that:
Right-click on the picture frame in the tag panel
Select: Delete cover art.

What I do not understand: why delete the information in an extra step if it does not hurt i.e. gets displayed. You may have trouble though if the player only knows how to cope with V1 tags. Transforming V2 to V1 tags would also delete the picture.

Hello -- Thanks for the info -- my intent is removing the image (jpg) is to reduce the size of the files since I am running out of space on the neuros device. I have over 13,000 mp3 files so by removing the images, I guess I can get a few hundred megs backs - Thanks