Batch heterogenous genres?

Ok, I've got a music collection pretty well tagged with Artist, Title, Album, Track, etc. etc., But I just noticed today that the majority (7000+ out of 9500+) of my tunes are not tagged with genre information.

Is there simple way to select all of these files and have mp3tag make a "best guess" assignment of genre, and/or just leave it blank if it cannot make a "good match" (for example, finding the genre by correlating a tag source's info with the selected album/song/artist tags), and then move on to the next song in the selected list.

And if mp3tag can't do this, is there another app that might do it? TIA!


Just as some background info- the mp3's themselves are already in a "cloud jukebox" application that can be searched on album, artist, year, etc - but currently not on genre since the tag info is missing for the bulk of the files.

Unfortunately there is no way to guess the genre with mp3tag itself. You have to do with external scripts or the built in ones within mp3tag. But here are some examples from the 'Web Sources Scripts' part of the forum.

I have one for one which is mostly for electronic music @ scripts by stevehero (search & direct) - jaimz mod. I have attached screen-shots of what the script tags.

Others are:

Pone's iTunes script: /t/13478/1 Pone's Discogs script: [WS] Discogs (pone mod)

Dano's Juno Records script: juno records

If you have mostly complete album then tagging them again should not be that much of a problem. All of these scripts get info such as 'Cover Art' 'Artist' 'Title' and your 'Genre' tag and many more. But you can disable all but tagging the genre tags with these scripts (I think) you have to see with each script. I know for definite that mine and Pone's Discog's scripts allow to customise the outputs.

Any more questions feel free to ask and welcome to the forum.