BATCH method to import album art from file to tag?

Hey, new here but long-time Mp3tag user.
Till now I've been avoiding importing the album art in the tag because I use 400x400 images and that would considerably increase the file size.

Now however I have a new walkman phone and that can only read album art if it's embedded in the tag so...

Is there a way for me to import my several hundreds album art files, named either folder.jpg AND %album%.jpg (winamp reads them that way and it's easier when I have a multi-album folder) into my several thousands of MP3 files in one go?

You can use the action type

Import cover from file

As format string enter i.e. folder.jpg or %album%.jpg

THANKS that worked beautifully!

I did import art by file and then specified

in every case clicking the delete current art option so that there wouldn't be any doubles.
The reason for that is that if there were both folder and %album% files (multi-album folders) chances are the later would be the correct one while there are some files I had in gif (and if again there were both jpg would most probably be the preferred one).

It seems to have worked just fine for a test batch I did, gonna go make the rest of them now.

Thanks again!!!