Batch remove of text in album field

How can I remove any text between square brackets in the Album field? I'd like to change [1969] Abbey Road to Abbey Road. Thanks in advance.

Just use the search function and you will find:

Replace TITLE with ALBUM for your case.

Thanks for your quick reply, but the solution you mentioned doesn't work for some reason. When I type:
Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Field: ALBUM
Regular expression: ^[.*?]
Replace matches with:
[1969] Abbey Road does not change into Abbey Road

Use ^\[\d+\]

  1. .*? ↩︎

or use \[.*?\] to remove every content in square brackets (not only numbers) and remove the square brickets itself where ever they are - not only at the beginning of the album name.

(It seems, that square brackets needs to be escaped with \[ and \] actually.)

Thank you, that did the trick!