WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

At the bottom of each script add.

Outputto TRACK
Say "1"

Try that. It might not work but I'll have a solution tomorrow if it doesn't when I can test it.

New revision in starting post.

It now outputs the new URLs.

It's not a full blown revamp. The only difference is it still uses the URL when you click the preview. Apart from that it's virtually identical.

Anyway, there's no difference in either of them apart from the Genre style. And the script has most of the bugs ironed out at this stage, so doing a rewrite for the new one would introduce them again until the bugs are found.

It now includes two scripts for getting artwork only. And other changes, please read revision history in starting post.

So, Enjoy and don't forget to donate should you feel the need.

I'll be here to help you with any questions.

@stevehero :black_heart:

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how fix BPM. need a script that multiplies by 2. for example
track 48 - BPM 92 (I need 92x2=184 that is real bpm)
track 47 -> 190 bpm

The script hasn't got AI yet I'm afraid and cannot tell what the actual BPM is. (only the info that beatport page displays). If you want a true reflection of the BPM value then the 'mixed in key' program's for you. Google it.

beatport wrong calculate BPM to genres - hardcore, dubstep, drum & bass. need make 'actions' RegExp for imported tags bpm, multiplied by 2 (for example, converting 92 to 184)

This is the wrong part of the forum. This is WSS.

Do a search in google for such things with the keyword mp3tag.

Here's a thread dating back 7 years. Function to multiply BPM x 2

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How can I edit tags?

  1. For example, in your script, I see the [Catalog #] next to album tag. I want album tag just the release name without the [Catalog #] tag.

  2. I see genre in wrong way House Deep // How can make it as original Beatport genre: Deep House

  3. How can remove the time zone from releasetime tag // I just want 2018-03-08

Many thank for this great work, after my configuration in order to work how I want to donate.


Open all the script files and:

1 Delete these lines in all scripts.

outputto "ALBUM"
say " ["
sayoutput "CATALOG #"
say "]"

2 Delete these lines in all scripts

regexpreplace "(trackGenre>>)(Dee|Ele|Min|Pro|Tec)(.+?)\s?(House)?.{0}>" "$1$4 $2$3>"    # 'Progressive House' to 'House Progressive'
replace "trackGenre>>House Progressive>" "trackGenre>>House Prog>"                       # 'Progressive House' to 'House Prog'

3 Delete this line in all scripts. Although this not not the correct format for this tag.

say "T00:00:00Z"

I would assume that someone entered the data like that in Beatport.
To swap 2 words, use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for GENRE
Search: (.*) (.*)
Replace: $2 $1

If you remove the time zone from the data in releasetime you get an invalid data format. Do you really want that?


I edit the scripts and works fine now.

I just noticed 2 issues.

  1. I see on track title at the end (OM) not sure what is that. I wish like [ Track title (Original mix) ]

  2. How to apply the initialkey on ID3 tags?

Thank you,

I have fixed the first issue as you explained below.

replace " (Original Mix)" " (OM)" # Replace " (OM)" to your liking, block this with # to keep original setting

Now only I want to write on the tag the initialkey (Key)

Thank you,

Just search every script for (OM) and delete that line entirely or add # maing it # replace " (Original Mix)" " (OM)".

At the line set "INITIALKEY" add a # to make # set "INITIALKEY".

All of this is explained in the starting post and throughout the scripts.

Search INITIALKEY or (OM) for example and you find some form of explaination along the way.


Hello guys, @stevehero I have set above and helps me to set the "INITIALKEY"on tag.
However it's not generate the Beatport original "INITIALKEY" but 06A, 06B etc. It's possible to generate original Beatport keys like: Amin, Amaj

Thank you,

Search through the script for a section to replace these values. It's easy to find just remove all the replace lines in that section.

Hi to all,

@stevehero when try to tag a whole album (30 tracks) the tags are wrong. It's mixing the track order with different tags from the album.

Thank you,

I think you have to align the source entries with the list of files. Only if you already have the correct file order will the source entries match the files.

Yes, got it. Thanks for the tip anyway. Software is good.


Where are those settings located? It's okay found, let me try it out!

@stevehero Sorry this doesn't help out.