WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

Not really much point posting this as I'm rewriting them for the beatport site.

@stevehero I understand that but i thought this would be helpful for some users until you release the new script. if you want me to remove it i will.:wink:

By the way is there any way to change the script code and set it to always sort the "adjust tag information window" by title without having to always click on the title tab in that window?

Take a look at the picture to understand what i mean exactly .

Please do, thanks. Searching by directory will be added in the new version when I can get round to finishing it.

Unfortunately no, it sorts by track only, this is something you'll have to put forward in the general section of this forum as an addition to Mp3tag.

Thanks for the answer @stevehero , i removed the post...:+1::wink:

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Hi @stevehero,

Right now with the use of the 4.4 script it seems impossible to grab the tag informations for releases like DJ charts or Special Beatport Releases like Beatport The October Shortlist Deep House for example, even if you use the Direct URL Script.

I wonder if it's possible now that you re-write the Script to resolve that.

By the way thanks for your hard work...:+1:

A link to what you mean would be nice.

If you're refering to non official releases, then I'll have to see if there's more interest, otherwise, I just don't have the time.

Unless there's more interest in charts I probably won't have time to do these.

yep, confirm
Uplifting Only Top 15: November 2017 -> error
Uplifting+Only+Top+15%3A+November+2017 -> o.k.

Hi @stevehero,
Beatport has been experiencing some issues as of late again, and now the main page seems to be partially working again, but classic is completely shut off. Do you think you could provide an early Xmas gift and update the script for ?

Keep up the good work.

If I get a gift in return. Xmas is all about giving :christmas_tree: :gift: :santa:

Eh, I was getting them done only work got in the way and life I suppose. I'll try see if I can get something out in the next couple of days.

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Seems everything works very well...

Marry Xmas!
:gift: :christmas_tree:

Bit of a holdup on the new version. But it's in the works guys and gals.

I had some issues with selecting an element from an array using the json methods here (Trouble with selecting the first array element using json_select_array)

But @florian kindly fixed that in the latest release so the new version of the scripts will require you all to update when I get it published.

Happy new year!!!!


Happy new year @stevehero! Can't wait to see it working with :partying_face:

RELEASE Search doesn't seem to download covers anymore.
It shows blank and i have to search twice for each track, one time for tags and one for artwork, which is inconvenient.
I remember i could do that before, is it just me or you guys cant do that too now?

Hello, for me is working properly. Did you tried download the scripts again?

SINGLE TRACK and Artwork scripts work for me too since they show covers and also download them.
But when i use any RELEASE script, it shows covers as blank on the tag information tab and doesn't download them at all.

Its weird its not working for me.
Yes i tried to reinstall mp3tag and apply the scripts again with no result. :confused:

Hi I just found this script for Beatport. It's excellent, thank you for the great work. I have a few questions that I can't figure out after reading through the thread. The main issue I'm experiencing is that changes to the script are not working for me. Below is what I want to do but am not able to get it to work.

  1. Initial key: Initial key does not ID3 tag: I did try to add the leading # on the bottom part of the script; and I did read this post by stevehero (I will look into this again later today).

"Tag is disabled. RTFM. :wink: see first post for instruction."

  1. Original Mix: Original Mix not appending even after I changed that section of the script.

  2. Label: Move the publisher (label) catalogue number to be appended after the label name instead of after the album name. I tried the below but it didn't work:


outputto "PUBLISHER"

  1. Genre: I followed the guide but can't get Deep House to show as "Deep House". I understand the logic of having "House" prefixed but I prefer it reading normal.

  2. Unsyncedlyrics: The default text about exclusive to Beatport etc. always appears here even though I have commented it out. I would like to remove it.

Edit: I only buy WAV files from Beatport. No MP3. Is this going to be an issue for tagging my music?

Post your current script and I'll modify it for you. It would be easier.

Most of what you're asking is in the thread somewhere apart from #3 or written inside the code on how to change them such as the genre, original mix question.

FLAC has great support for tags. WAV, not so much.

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Thank you that's awesome of you. I attached the Search by filename script here.

I also use Release by artist + release; and Release by artist + title. If you can let me know which lines you edit, I can make the same changes on the other files.

Beatport by &stevehero v4.4#RELEASE Search by &Filename.src (21.6 KB)