WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

Hi SpirosG, i dont know what you mean with "shortened", but if you meant sorted by date, you can edit the script (as Steve has mentioned in the script).

Edit his line:


Place &sortBy=publishDate+DESC at the end of %s if you want releases sorted by date.

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Hi @deesar,

Sorted is what i meant, i didn't even see that i was doing that mistake... :astonished::hushed::scream:

I will edit the Script to try your Solution when i'll be back home...

Thanks for the help!!! :+1::+1::+1:

Hi, ive found out, that classic.beatport search finds much more often results if i edit the search query (first popup) and replace every space with +

ex. No Frost - Krysenstern (where "No Frost" is Title and "Krysenstern" is artist

"No Frost Krysenstern" = 500 internal Server error
"No+Frost+Krysenstern" = successful search results.

How can i edit the script that "+" instead of "spaces" are between the search words?

Thanks in advance

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I tried the + instead of space. still no go. And this is the worst timing because I have to tag 200 + tracks :frowning:

I've looked at this and:

Take this file for example:
Beatport by &stevehero v4.41#RELEASE Search by Relea&Se.src

There's a line in the script [WordSeperator]=+ that should automatically add these internally.

Unless there's something broken on mp3tags side.

@Florian, can you look at this please.

Checked and it's working fine here.

In which case then the script will automatically use the + symbol instead of the whitespace characters.

I'm not sure how you guys are getting it to work.

Thank you so much for the help @deesar this did the trick...:+1::+1::+1:

I can confirm that this is actualy right...:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Can you give an example release from Beatport where this is happening and let me know which of the web sources you're using from the *.zip?

Hi @Florian

Arno Cost Norman Doray - Wanna Do (Extended Mix) CLUBSWE219

"RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + &Release" & "RELEASE Search by &Artist"

If you search "Arno Cost Norman Doray" you get the 500 error

If you search "Arno+Cost+Norman+Doray" the script is working fine.

There are more examples this is just on of them.

Update: One more example

Bootes Gray - Voice of the Universe MHR342

Same Scripts

"Bootes Gray" = Error 500

"Bootes+Gray" = Works fine

By the way is there any chance to disable the dialog which is asking you if you want to keep the existing cover.
I just want to only keep the cover downloaded from the script without always clicking that i don't want to keep the existing cover.

Also @stevehero something very useful for me would be a script to search releases by folder name (%_Directory%) (?) which would be able to automatically catch the folder name of the selected files.

For example the script could automatically grab the folder name "Bootes Gray - Voice of the Universe MHR342" and search for that release.



Not really much point posting this as I'm rewriting them for the beatport site.

@stevehero I understand that but i thought this would be helpful for some users until you release the new script. if you want me to remove it i will.:wink:

By the way is there any way to change the script code and set it to always sort the "adjust tag information window" by title without having to always click on the title tab in that window?

Take a look at the picture to understand what i mean exactly .

Please do, thanks. Searching by directory will be added in the new version when I can get round to finishing it.

Unfortunately no, it sorts by track only, this is something you'll have to put forward in the general section of this forum as an addition to Mp3tag.

Thanks for the answer @stevehero , i removed the post...:+1::wink:

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Hi @stevehero,

Right now with the use of the 4.4 script it seems impossible to grab the tag informations for releases like DJ charts or Special Beatport Releases like Beatport The October Shortlist Deep House for example, even if you use the Direct URL Script.

I wonder if it's possible now that you re-write the Script to resolve that.

By the way thanks for your hard work...:+1:

A link to what you mean would be nice.

If you're refering to non official releases, then I'll have to see if there's more interest, otherwise, I just don't have the time.

Unless there's more interest in charts I probably won't have time to do these.

yep, confirm
Uplifting Only Top 15: November 2017 -> error
Uplifting+Only+Top+15%3A+November+2017 -> o.k.