WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

One more thing: I tried to put ARTIST and RELEASE (by editing the "Beatport by &stevehero v5.0 RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + Release (Sorted by Date Desc).src" file) in one line without success - how can I do that?


So I would like only one field containing "RELEASE Search by Release & Artist:"

That's something I've never tried as I didn't see much point. Perhaps ask a question on the help for WSF section and see. You can use tab to tab down or shift tab to tab back up.

What's "WSF section"?

Web source framework.

Hi @stevehero

There is something wrong with the latest update, %releasetime% remains empty after tagging!

Never Mind
I found that there was a bit of a change on the SET BY DEFAULT (My own personal preferences) section.

One more question.

If i uncomment the DATE OPTION and the YEAR OPTION the %releasetime% tag is being tagged by year only (YYYY format).

How will i be able to tag the %year% in a form of YYYY and the %releasetime% tag in a form of MMDD (default one)

I use RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + Release (Sorted by Date Desc) (Thanks for the auto-sort feature!!), and I understand that some keywords are cut from the search to improve results, such as The, And, and so forth. But my problem now is that it cuts them even if they are part of another word, Andrea becomes rea, Theory becomes ory to give some examples.

Thank you very much for the script, it helps to tame my OCD a lot!

And I don't think thats due to you script, but when you hover over the quick source buttons after using RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + Release (Sorted by Date Desc) and the tooltip with this name should pop up, MP3Tag crashes, I would say it's too long to be displayed in a tooltip

Best report the crash to the bug section for @Florian to check out. Thanks for reporting that replacement issue. I'll get a fix for that this weekend. If you're feeling brave you can fix in the meantime by changing the to \bthe\b. This will only find the regular expression of the surrounded by a boundary. Do the same for and.

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In your case move the sets below RELEASETIME such as DATE and YEAR. This way you should still have the values from both.

Same here with v3.03 and v3.03c

I've reported the bug here. Tooltip bug when there's a long name of WSS

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Thanks for update @stevehero. Everything works again! :smiley:
I have strange situation. When I find one track release, I can't see "_TIME_CHECK" on the top of the additional info. (I use release search)

And if U could help me what to do to make track number option 01/01 or 01/04...02/04...? I tried this several times but nothing. :face_with_monocle:

It's a complete rewrite so some things may be a little little different. The time check field is 2nd from the top if I remember. The other track/total track thing is not possible to do via json methods as there's no info regarding track numbers in Beatport json code. I requested a counter of some sort to be added so you can heart this to perhaps help push it.

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v5.01 2020.11.08

  • FIX: Regular expression fixes to replace common unwanted words.

Download link in starting post. WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

Update to version v3.03d to get rid of the tooltip bug.

For some reason, I can't see time check field in the additional info area, but after tagging I have it, it's here in the file tags.

Well...I can live without time checking :smile:, but sometimes it's not bad to have it. Some one track releases have edit versions tracks and some have extended...for differencing.


v5.02 2020.11.08

  • FIX: _TIME_CHECK field wasn't getting output.

Download link in starting post. WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

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Hi there Steve,
Thanks for your amazing work! I'm following you for years and I'd like to say thank you for contribution.

After migrating and use your v5 scripts I'd like to ask you about ... adding track length

I'll appreciate you so much!


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Good suggestion. I'll add that for the next update on the TRACK scripts.

I'm trying doing that by myself but with no success ... also it could bre great have a search script with artist not Album Artist + tittle :slight_smile:

thanks so much again!!

The album artist is first preference but if it doesn't exist then artist will be used. I suppose for the release scripts this is okay so I'll add an artist one too for track scripts.