WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]


Can you post the tag info page. Not some external tag info dialog. I've tested this exact song both in SINGLE TRACK and RELEASE and there is no problem with the info got from beatport. Anyway my script separates multiple artists by , not ;

Please try the latest version and tag again. I think you accidentally formatted your tags wrong after using the script. Or else your tags have different ID3 versions. My script works fine. Please post the problem URL also.


I've just dowloaded the latest version and did it again. The same thing.

I guess the problems is dbpoweramp id editor. If i tag the files with mp3tag it's ok, no duplicated artist field like in that picture, but after i edit the tracks with dbpoweramp id editor it show's up duplicated artist. I think dbpoweramp reads id3v1 and idv2 and merge them. Very strange


Keep the ID3v2 and remove the ID3v1s if you don't need them. It's in the options of mp3tag to save only your selected type. It's not a problem with my script, it's one with your other piece of SW. If this doesn't solve your problem, I suggest search/start a thread on dppoweramps forum.


Hey guys, I'm using the wine version of 2.73 on OSX but I can't get the scripts to appear. I'm putting them in the correct folder but nothing is showing except the original scripts, even when I delete the original scripts they still appear in the program when I reopen it. My only option atm is to tag my library on a windows machine which is less than ideal.

Any ideas?


This is not related to this script. Post a new thread in the help. But I'm sure if you google 'mp3tag wine scripts location' you'll get something.

EDIT: What do you know! It worked! That's some sorcery right there!!!


getting this error as of today


Me too :frowning:



I signed up specifically to Thank stevehero for this excellent script/project..
And his Amazing support over the past 21 pages of this thread.
As you can imagine 3TB+ of music tags to clean up and rearrange which has been keeping me very busy.

On another note:

Mp3tag.exe /fp:"<full-qualified path to directory>"
Starts Mp3tag in the specified directory using the directory as working directory.

Could this be a method to employ a master script to work around/manipulate the tags. So, in a way: To parse the already parsed data.. Kind of like the "Tools" / "Utils" menus in MP3Tag SW itself.


An external .bat to automate the MP3Tag SW and stevehero BP script to search multiple files from multiple releases. (As per the guy with 200 releases a few posts back, musicbrainz was mentioned.)

I understand the power of MP3Tag syntax is limited yet powerful enough to do amazing tasks I just see the CLI as a possible gateway to expand on any limitations which one may experience and as a path for future expansion of this project/script. Maybe this is not the right place for this kind of suggestion. idk..

Please keep up the great work, This script is a massive time saver.. Thanks once again!!.

FYI: Beatport is timing me out now and again I think its some geo-proxying technique employed.. only on a few releases I get this issue with. Specifically the Material records label. its there on BP but when I use the script it doesn't like it.


You're probably both using v2.73b or v2.73c. With this release Mp3tag uses a completely different HTTP/HTTPS implementation which also has a more strict URI parser.

I've noticed that the URL which is used in the scripts doesn't fully conform to the specification (as stated in RFC 3986), which -- in this case -- means that square brackets are not URL encoded.

Can you please try the following two steps:

  1. In the [IndexUrl] value, replace the square brackets in the URL by their URL-encoded equivalent, i.e., %5B%5D
  2. Enable URL-encoding in the search query by adding

    On a side note to stevehero: I'm impressed!

    Kind regards


your correct i went back to 2.61 and is working fine i will wait till the script has been updated to upgrade again thanks.


Just uploading the scripts now. Sorry it took a while, I moved country and had my computer shipped which took a week.

Working scripts in starting post.

Thanks Florian for the fix and kind words, same to you. I don't think I could of found the problem myself.

I did notice that even with your fix, I needed to do this:

[IndexUrl]= # Place &sortBy=publishDate+DESC at the end of %s if you want releases sorted by date.

to (put the commented line to a new line):

# Place &sortBy=publishDate+DESC at the end of %s if you want releases sorted by date.

Seems mp3tag has parsed that line even though it was commented out.

PS, any way to keep a counter on the scripts downloaded for total amount downloaded over the scripts lifetime. I never like it when it goes back to zero?


steve thank you very much for the update

when using -> Beatport by &stevehero v4.2#SINGLE TRACK Search by (Album)Artist + Title

for some reason the key is no longer being added. maybe it's an option i now need to enable?

OK NVM i figured it out is off by default now :slight_smile:


The reason for this is because I use MixedInKey to key my tracks.

@ o0o this was explained elsewhere in the thread.


See lines in script. I assume you want the mix artist to be the same so change what's highlighted red:




beatport have many errors - a lot of duets presented as single artist (separated by commas)


I've shown you how to get & instead of , to separate artists here >>> scripts by stevehero (search & direct) - jaimz mod

I'm not sure what I'm suppose to look for in those URLs you posted. I've checked them and everything is fine.

I'm not in control of how beatport formats their naming conventions. You can use actions to format the tags to your liking after you run the script.


The script cannot do this. You need to run an action to implement your needs replacing the last , with a &.

Use this after you tag with my script:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $regexp(%artist%,'^(.+),\s*([^,|[^&]+?)$',$1 & $2)


Since today, I get the following error when connecting to Beatport (see attachment...).



i think there is something wrong with the script (Artist + Release)
I have select only a few Datafields but i get this Respond:


Hi everybody,
fist of all I apologize for my english because it isn't as good as it should be.
Thank you stevehero for your amazing job, your script helped me to save a lot of time!

I have a little problem with the latest version, I'm not able to get the musical key anymore. Can anybody help me to get it back please?