WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]


but... script 'release:txt' show all correct


Still doesnt work


I'd love to know what that is. What's this release:txt. It's a plugin or something? Please help me out here and be a little more descriptive.

I explained my scripts get the info I showed you, NOT this.

Saving the file might help perhaps?


script for Greasemonkey


It uses java and can work in the website. Java is a very complicated language compared to this.

You can use that info to import that to your tags if your not happy with this script. Doesn't bother me.


understand, JavaScript very difficult, o.k.


I know this is off-topic but does that script work for soundcloud your end? Both it and beatport didn't work for me.

I take it you made modifications to it to work for beatport classic?



release_txt_2014.03.10.2fix.user.rar (24.3 KB)


Did that hehe. Guess I'll just wait patiently after the next release


Figured it out.
Just as stevehero correctly said

Now, there little more to it..

QUOTE (Norse God @ Oct 2 2016, 22:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I was wondering whether or not I should do this but it's completely voluntary and after 5+ years, actually 5yrs + 10 days exactly!! of developing/maintaining these scripts, I've decided to place a donate button in the starting post and as my signature should you wish to put forward a donation if you think they have helped you enough over the years. A donation can be anything. But, please. Don't go donating enough for the new Honda Civic Type R. I'd only feel bad. :laughing:

You can write me a private message if you do so I can personally thank you.



I use this script for a long time and i´m happy with it :slight_smile:

Steve, one question. Is it possible to add the Stems format?



Have you an example url. Classic version of beatport please.


on the old classic Layout the stems format never added :frowning:


I doubt I'll be supporting this. It takes a tremedous amount of time to write these scripts from scratch.


Hi! how to fix text encoding?

For example: Sting - I Cant Stop Thinking About You (Dave Audé Extended)



Don't know what's happening. Mine are not giving this error.

I need a little bit more info on what your steps are to reproduce this.

If you have edited the scripts then make sure you're saving them with encoding type UTF-8. In notepad++ this is in the Menu - Encoding>Encode in UFT-8. Then save script.


I re-download your script and check encoding... UTF-8, all ok, but non-standard characters still give an error.
Problem started after change HTTP/HTTPS implementation (brackets are not encoded URL)...


I still don't know what your problem is.

Tell me the exact method of how you're using the script please. As I said it works here when searching for title with text sting:

I Cant Stop Thinking About You (Dave Audé Extended)


if track name include special characters (à,ǣ,ӧ etc...) your script gives an error message.
Check it...
Earlier versions mp3tag (2.74) didn't have this problem.