WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]


Bottom of web source dialog:
Save image to tag - checked

I have changed nothing in file system, because everything works very well.

Shorter description:
WMP (Now playing mode) shows covers for files tagged with discogs script.
WMP (Now playing mode) shows covers for files tagged with BP script except for files tagged in last month.
VLC and winamp shows covers for all files anyway.

When I manualy add picture from BP and save tag, wmp doesnt show the cover again, except if picture from other source is.
I think it's case for X-files :smiley:


To be honst: WMP does not remember the tag sources that you have used for tagging.
And as I cannot look over your shoulder and find out what the differences are, you have to be as cunning as possible to find the cause.
I would check the tag versions that are in the files (APE usually causes trouble), I would check the files themselves for integrity, and I would check if there are more than one embedded picture in the files and perhaps one of them is invalid/empty, whatever.
Or the picture type is not quite right: bmp instead of png or jpg.


Yes, you're right about everything. My pictures in tags are jpg and only one picture. Tag version is ID3v2.3. Mp3 files is full correct, checked in mp3val.

Please, for test, if you could manualy put any beatport cover picture to any mp3 file (drag and drop way) and play it in wmp to see what will happen?


This is what happens:
I d&d (which I usually never do) a picture from BP to Mp3tag's tag panel and save the modification.
The file has now 2 embedded covers.
I delete the old one in MP3tag.
I switch to WMP - it still shows the old picture.
I delete the track only from the library.
I restore deleted files.
(The preview now shows already the new picture)
I play the track and see the new picture in the "now playing" window.


Thank you very much!
I see I have problem with only JPG from beatport.

For testing I used image resizer and I converted that jpg to another jpg, I used new jpg file, and finally I can see cover in wmp. My new converted cover has same size 500x500, and amost same file size - about 3 KB more.

Conclusion is everything works very well, but still dont know why my new files get different type of jpg from BP whether I use the BP script or manualy put the cover directly from BP.


Hey. Thanks for your script. Very satisfied.
Can I change [IndexFormat]? I tried it at me it does not work.

For example, can I delete the first two columns?
Thanks for help.


Thanks so much for this script. So helpful.


Easy, just set [IndexFormat] to [IndexFormat]=%_URL%|% ↓ RELEASES%|% ↓ ARTIST/S%|% ↓ REMIXER/S%
Then under "[ParserScriptIndex]=..." comment out (#) sections with # YEAR and and # OUT ON (three lines each).


Thank you for that great script! Good work!

Beatport has recently added some new (more accurate) genres like "Uplifting":

The script uses the classic version of the webpage, which does not contain the new styles and also not the key of the songs:

Is there a way to get those two fields (genre + key) information without rewriting the whole script?


It already does.



#   set "INITIALKEY"

It explains all that in the readme file.

Sorry, I've no plans to do a new beatport version. Over the last 6months, I done a little experiment and placed a donate button beside the DL button and not one single person has given anything. Why should I continue support if no one thinks it's of any value whatsoever? Over the last 5 years and multiple updated versions of this script, it has had 50k+ downloads.

It took a lot of man-hours to learn and write this. I'm pretty happy that it hasn't broken in over 3 yrs now but truth be told I'm sick of people begging on here.

I suppose the same could be said for the dev. of this amazing app. I bet most of the people on here haven't contributed to him. Yet they're the first people to complain and request stuff.

Rant over.


Thanks! I just downloaded your script yesterday for the first time and missed that line for the initial key which removes the tag. Now it's working :slight_smile:
I used Discogs as source before, but I'm gonna switch to your script now, because there are almost all digital releases available at Beatport and it gives many additional information.

I left you a little donation for it and I hope that others will follow. Very helpful script, keep it up! :slight_smile:


Thank you C-Dog. That was more than enough. :wink:

If it does come to the point where the script breaks then I'll rewrite the script for BP Pro. I would like the style added myself but it just doesn't warrant a complete rewrite just yet.


Am looking for a script that changes the BPM field.
Currently tags will be written the BPM as a full digit number.
I would like to change it with a action simple script to 1 digit behind the point.
For example 125 should become 125.0

Am tagging with the Beatport Pro tool (working faster for me on Mac and keeps the PC free for other things to do in between) but cleaning up tags and changing fields with MP3Tag.



Seeing as BP only give integers do this.

Find these lines in all scripts and replace:

    outputto "BPM" # BPM
    sayregexp "(?<=,\"bpm\":)[^,]+" "" "<<endTrack>>"
    say "|"


    outputto "BPM" # BPM
    sayregexp "(?<=,\"bpm\":)[^,]+" "" "<<endTrack>>"
    say ".0"
    say "|"


Thanks Steve, but not using your script anymore.
Tagging it with Beatport Pro.
Just need an external script (placed in "Actions") to change the BPM.

Something like the same as this for changing initialkey but then for Bpm:
2=01B B

QUOTE (stevehero @ Jul 1 2017, 16:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Seeing as BP only give integers do this.

Find these lines in all scripts and replace:

    outputto "BPM" # BPM
    sayregexp "(?<=,\"bpm\":)[^,]+" "" "<<endTrack>>"
    say "|"


    outputto "BPM" # BPM
    sayregexp "(?<=,\"bpm\":)[^,]+" "" "<<endTrack>>"
    say ".0"
    say "|"<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->


Well, if the question doesn't relate to the script why are you asking here? :angry:

See #5.


WTF!? & have different genres
e.g. (Progressive House) (Big Room)


They use the same API only the different pages parse it differently AFAIK. They didn't update the classic to read the sub genre metadata basically.

In the Beatport html it has genre (Big Room) and sub-genre (Progressive)
The Classic only has genre (Bigroom) in the html page.





Search the code in your browser. Those links should work for Chrome & Firefox. Just copy and paste into the url box.


Hi stevehero!

I must say, thank you so much for your Beatport script! It's amazing! Unfortunately, I'm totally skint otherwise I'd donate, but I'd like to one day! I noticed you been developing it for a while, thanks so much! I think an Acoustid, MusicID, Shazam script would be cool! If I were pro at scripts, I'd make one... All the best! Also thanks to Mp3tag! :wink:


Thanks Quantum_E.. The donate is purely voluntary but let's say this. If I had 1EUR for every visitor to this thread I'd be up 2million EUR. It doesn't have to be 1. It all adds up. :wink:

I'm glad you like the script.

I'm currently dev'ing a script for TRAXSOURCE and it'll be available soon'ish.