WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]


my fix tags for duo from beatport

Artist_fix.mta (35.5 KB)


First of all, i'd like to be say a Big Thanks for the Scripts, meanwhile they are have becomes
my most important companion for my about 15 yrs collected Electronic-Music Mediathek.

Only a Single Problem for me is the "Albumartist" because mostly it doesn't be Tag the right Artist
but rather he and all other like the Mixartist etc.

In order to better explain and illustrate i've attached an example.
In this example, the proper Albumartist should have been only the Artist [Mark Morris & Logotech]

Maybe someone knows how about i can change it to get the true metadata.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


The script just collects the data from beatport where they have albumartist data as you see it.

Not much can be done to correct this raw data, therefore we're pretty much stuck with what it displays.


Thanks for Reply.
Ok then i ask an other way, is it possible to write a command in script or as Action that approx. works like the one with the [outputto "ALBUMARTIST"] ?
For example:
A&B = possible Albumartists.
When A & B are to find in 4/5 lines of "ARTIST" then output it to "ALBUMARTIST".


Try this. I don't have a PC atm to test.

It just replaces all but the separating characters , and counts them and formats ALBUMARTIST as you want.

Just change the 4 to whatever number works best. Keeping in mind the & at the last artist will be there which means that's why I added 1 to the fn.

& is used in artist names themselves so that's why I haven't accounted for that in the fn. Example Pig&Dan

With: $ifgreater($add($len($regexp(%artist%,[^,*],)),1),4,%artist%,%albumartist%)


Hello everybody, and thank you Stevehero for your wonderful Beatport script i'm using since many years now.

I have to ask you a question anyway.
Since many months, when i'm using your script and after mp3tag has autotagged the cover from my mp3s with the 500x500 cover from Beatport, all the covers disappears under Traktor Pro.
If I put the files on Rekordbox, no more cover, and the same on a USB key on Pioneer CDJ.

If I'm keeping the original files even with a 1400x1400 jpg cover, it appears with no problems on Traktor etc...

Is there a bug on mp3 tag or... what ?

It's a big problem for me :frowning:

Hope you have the solution !

Thank you for your help...



Check whether the files that show pictures have them embedded or as separate files in a folder.

Also, check the "Utils" button in the web sources results dialogue (bottom left) whether you embed the pictures and/or save them in the file system. Modify the settings according to your findings of the first check.


No. That is, if you ensure the tags are saved in MP3tag.

Is sounds like a caching and/or database problem for the artwork in each respective app is causing it.

You'll be safer asking on those apps forums.


Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I have to precise that I do not add cover files in separate folders and that as soon as files are tagged, covers appear well into Winamp, Windows Media Player, on Itunes or my IPhone...

It is very strange that even on a Pioneer XDJ 1000 MK2, cover do not appear !

I've changed the language to English to see where you told me to check... i'm still looking lol


I just found the problem guys :sunglasses:

The jpg cover art that come from Beatport URL are never recognised by Traktor Pro, or Rekordbox, or Pioneer XDJ.
If I put another jpg from another site, all is OK.
Even on a 1400x1400 size.

What do you think about that strange thing ?


Once the artwork is embedded it should show up. Like I said It sounds like a traktor database issue. Ask over on the NI forum is your best bet.


I was one of the earlier posters in this thread years ago but lost/forgot my account details here so I decided to quickly make a new one. I (once again) want to say thank you so much for creating these actions/scripts.

For some reason about a year ago they completely stopped working for me and I ended up letting my music collection get messy and unorganised to the point where I was starting to lose interest in searching for new music as my library was just becoming a complete mess and headache to sort out.

I randomly decided to check back today to realise it's actually working again but even better this time!

Now it tags everything I want and adds the album catalog numbers automatically without me having to do two separate processes, so thanks for creating and maintaining these actions/scripts, they've proven to be invaluable to me over the years.

Cheers stevehero and everyone else who have helped support/maintain this.


That's by design. The "Compilation" keyword would return too many other unfavourable results. Also words like EP and others are removed. Do you not get the desired album when you click next here. Try it. It may still work.

I don't have a computer to fix this atm. I'll look into it when I do.


Open up that problem script in any text editor and replace the line

[SearchBy]=[ RELEASE for RELEASE ]$trim($regexp($regexp($regexp(%album%,'\b-\b|_', ),'(?i)\[.*\]|cd\s*\d*|[^\s]|\bep\b|feat\.|ft\.|\bom\b|\boriginal\b|\bclub\b|\bmix\b|\bremix\b|\bthe\b|vinyl|web|www[^\s]+|[^\w\s]',),'\s+', ))

[SearchBy]=[ RELEASE for RELEASE ]%album%


@stevehero the script only support 100 tracks to tag at once? I tried to tag an album wich has 142 tracks and it only show 100. It is a bug? Thank you


In the scripts change line:

while "<<startTrack>>" 99

To something like:
while "<>" 199


Hey guys!

First of all: Thank you very much, stevehero, your scripts are awesome!
I've used them for like a thousand times at least by now.

Secondly, I have a question: Is there a way to tag files with a "list" like a Top 100 or DJ Chart with the script?

For example


Thanks in advance!



Thank you Mestro!


would you update script for me based on my needs for donation ?


What mods do you want?