WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]


Hi to all,

@stevehero when try to tag a whole album (30 tracks) the tags are wrong. It's mixing the track order with different tags from the album.

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I think you have to align the source entries with the list of files. Only if you already have the correct file order will the source entries match the files.


Yes, got it. Thanks for the tip anyway. Software is good.




Where are those settings located? It's okay found, let me try it out!


@stevehero Sorry this doesn't help out.


Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Bit like real life I suppose :slight_smile:



Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

I noticed the same Steve. It's okay mate, your work is good anyway.


@stevehero I hope you are doing good mate.

I need your help to remove the selected tags of the screen,

what need to midify on your script in order those tags not to generated at all?

Thank you


At the bottom of every script there's a few lines:


Change to:


Check the readme file in starting post if you've trouble. :+1:


@stevehero sure, for some reason those line it was missing from my source file, Okay I find out the way :wink: thanks


Not working script. Help. 500: internal server error


Have you tried visiting the website or goggling a 500 error.


I get the same error as AndreyN. Strangely, this occurs for random searches, i.e. sometimes it works if I manually drop part of the release name and/or author;

Example: Friction, JP Cooper - Dancing Remixes

FAILED: Friction dancing
WORKED: dancing (then manually selecting the correct release from the list

I think this is an issue on BP side, as some of the releases work, while others don't.

Note: I was running mp3tag 2.79, but even updating to 2.89a didn't resolve the issue.Unbenannt


I understand that beatport has disabled the search for the release

on the site like looking for a script error shows


The classic website that the scripts are based on is probably just a html port of the API for the new website and some errors may occur. Or the new website may have similar issues.

  • yes, sometimes the search needs tweaking. :man_facepalming:


can you check what's the problem? on a site the classic.beatport finds and through mp3tag an error 500 (Nikolay Mikryukov - Deep Hypnosis,)

or is it a problem on the side of beatport?


I think BP must have changed something as of last Friday, causing the script to no longer be able to access the info parsed via the API. I tried modifying the URL to use the new BP site, but neither pro.beatport nor seemed to work.


I'm getting the same error: 500 Internal Server error when trying to connect to


Haven't used the script in a while. I'l try get round to fixing the issue (if even possible). For now just put those files to the side.. sorry for the inconvience.