WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

Yeah, I only done a search there and no beuno. I'm really busy with work atm anyway but it's good to know it's an internal issue.

Thanks for following up on this @AndreyN. The script will work as soon as BP get their :poop: together. My script pulls all the same info anyway and is virtually bug-free AFAIK.

Please tell me how to change from to

Can you be patient? :rage: It will work eventually.

Of course. Obviously I mis-understood what AndreyN said and thought it was meant for us users.

@stevehero hello mate, I'm getting the same issue while trying to tag using the old URL . Any chance to use directly the URL?

Thank you for te support.


beatport classic search is broken at present
Look for yourself.

I'm not rewriting the script for something that will be fixed before I have them wrote.

I hate to sound like a broken record but mine pulls all the same info. Even the genre now matches that of the bp new site.

Looks like it's still broken.. Just when I was about to do a large number of files :sob:

Looks like they're rebuilding the index or st. like this... - doesn't work - works

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So it was. something works, something does not work

I'm sure they cannot fix all broken searches at once and will take time for all to be back to normal. At least they are not leaving it like it was. :+1:

but it is possible to do a search through the primary address ( it seems that they do not do anything (the next answer with support, like the last one)

It is, but It's been only a week. Like they said, they are working on it.

Actually a week is 7 days. :stuck_out_tongue: Were almost at two weeks now

Wouldn't it be the other way around since the new website came later? All searches work on the new version of Beatport. I hate it not being able to code something like this: I would've disregarded your stupid warning :stuck_out_tongue: and changed it myself. The only thing I actually understand is that the code looks for HTML elements on the website and does things with that. Anyway: I get why you choose to use the classic instead of the new website for this script.

So what is the solution for this situation?
How can make it work again this script?

Wait for beatport to fix the database or wait for @stevehero to change the code so it uses instead of But the latter one isn't gonna happen I guess. :weary:

Wow, so many samey comments.

Guys stop flooding this thread with the same thing. I also know what different urls beatport use. I don't have to be linked to them in every post.

Let them fix it.

--------- This is not the end of the world ---------


If your search is not working (error 500) try to do the same search but a little bit different.

Let me explain it with examples:
"navar ava mea" : not working :
"navar mea" : working :

"cubicolor falling" : not working
"cubicolor falling original" : working

If you try to add / remove some words in your search you can find one which works. It's annoying but i tagged a lot of "error 500" files using this "trick".

Hope it will help.

Already noticed and this is I'm worry about. Beatport has nothing to fix on their URL since they only adjust their code for smarter search results in their shop.

I hope someone build a new script to tag directly from beatport.

Thank you,

Finally!! It seems that the problem with the search is fixed.


I'd be pulling my hair out if I spent a week or more rewriting the same scripts. I have better things to be doing.

Glad it's fixed now. People need more patience. :facepunch: