WSS by stevehero [Release, Single Track & Artwork tagging]

changed format INITIALKEY

This bug could of existed as I don't use that tag.
I'll post a new batch of scripts later on for this.
Thanks for catching it.

Under the line (dont delete this)
replace "♯" "#" # Fix

ADD this in each script write:
replace "♭" "♭" # Fix

UPDATE, ver 4.4

" As always, read the readme before overwriting your src files. "

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Wasn't in the replaces from day one.

Could someone post the camelot wheel equivalent of:

AFAIK it's:

Hi @stevehero your script often drops a "the" in an artist's name, e.g. "Esthetique" becomes Esetique, resulting in a release not to be found. I could not find any indication in your script to fix that. I am guessing it is somewhere in the [Searchby] line.

Thx for your help.

Until I upload a fix.

In the artist search scripts, search for :

and replace with :


Great script, Stevie.

Couple of quick queries if you or anyone would kindly help please?

  • Year field: just want this in the format, 'YYYY', without affecting RELEASTIME. I tried tweaking, but then I don't get any values in said field?

  • I've made all the tweaks to the 'artist' script, how can you use the same settings etc. for the others?

Today I tried v4.4 for few files at the first time and script for release ID doesnt work.

linkCapture1 Capture2

It's possible that release is no longer available. Try others and if they work this is the case. This is quite normal for this to happen.

I tried 3 releases more. There are available on BP, but result is the same.
However, v4.2 I use works perfectly.
Thank U Stevie, I will try to solve the problem with v4.4 release ID. Other v4.4 scripts are great and they works.:wink:

I don't have a pc currently so you can open the two script files and compare them with Microsoft word or sublime text with plugin to see the difference between them. I don't think there should be much. Thanks.

I replaced row [SearchBy]


Now v4.4 release ID works for me.

Hi Steve,

Since Beatport Pro is EOL, I ended up here and what a wonderful job you did with the scripts!

There's only 1 thing that I doesn't get to work and that's the INITIALKEY field. All other fields are automatically filled with the required info, only the key remains empty. What am I missing here?

Cheers, DepGlobe

Tag is disabled. RTFM. :wink: see first post for instruction.


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Found it Steve! Thank you!

Is there any way to batch-tag many songs at once? Or something semi-automatic like this:

  1. Select many songs at once
  2. Click a button to tag them
  3. Window shows the different matches found to choose from
  4. Applying one of the matches will lead to next song and its matches being shown
  5. And so on (and while user is looking at the matches for a song, the next songs’ matches are already being preloaded in the background)

There's no automation with scripts.

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