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Couple of quick queries if you or anyone would kindly help please?

  • Year field: just want this in the format, 'YYYY', without affecting RELEASTIME. I tried tweaking, but then I don't get any values in said field?

  • I've made all the tweaks to the 'artist' script - have it working well, how can you use the same settings etc. for the others - can you duplicate them across somehow?

Also, something stange must be going on at beatport earlier. Title of tracks was appearing in Comments field, even though comments field set to disable in the script. And track number was appearing in the Title field?



Year field: In the script you have to find "Year Options". Try to delete "#" at the start of the 3rd row for activating YYYY format.

For best results, try BP script v4.4.



Thanks :slight_smile: - did try this but it's then altering the value of "releasetime"?

I'm using the latest version of the scripts :slight_smile: