Attached is the translation for the current 2.41 (not c) version, 'cause I've started to translate before I read this forum. Right now I'm working on c version.

Thanx for your awesome application!

However, I've got some ideas and bug reports.

bug reports:
#1 Sometimes, when i open audiofiles from any filemanager, the app gets crashed. First it shows that it "reads 1 file of 1" (always before a crash), and then it crashes (see attached image So when i see the writing (reading file 1 of 1), I know it's gonna crash.

#2 When i open audiofiles from any filemanager, the app opens not all selected files, but duplicates 1st 2 files from the top (relative to the app) and loses "sort by" information (see attached images clipboard02, 03). I should refresh panel everytime (F5).

-Both bugs don't show up if I open files from the app (menu File-Change directory). Never!!!
-Both bugs present on my both PCs - Win XP SP2 Pro (home) & Win XP SP3 Pro (work).

-It'd be nice to have a lyrics field. I use mostly Linux at home and it searches and stores lyrics in audiofiles. It'd be nice to have access to lyrics, and to be able to edit as well.
-Have you ever thought of skins?
-It'd be nice to be able to search just for cover arts. Right click on the cover arts field and choose "Search cover art"
-It'd be nice to have a bigger cover art field - I like big colourful images :slight_smile: Generally, to be able to scale that field (11.1 KB) (1.27 KB)


ok. here's my translation for v. 2.41c (11.1 KB)


Thanks for your translation! Unfortunately, the file is not encoded as UTF-8 so I have problems to read it correctly (since I don't work with Belarusian locale).

Hope you can fix it, so that the language file can be included with the not so distant next release.


These strings are untranslated as of Mp3tag v2.43d

_C_ABORT Abort


These strings are untranslated as of Mp3tag v2.44h (which won't change till v2.45)

_C_MULTILINE Multiline
_M_ERR_PARSELINE Cannot parse line %d.
_M_ERR_TL_NOTAGS No matching entry for file \"%s\".
_M_LOG_TFF_S Imported tags from \"%s\" to one file.
_M_STR_SAVESELECTION Save selection...
_M_UNDO_CANNOTUNDO Cannot undo %s


And I've received their translation via email :slight_smile: