Best 'Tags' settings for most readability?

What do you guys suggest as the "best" configuration for the Options->Tags menu since Im having trouble with some of my songs not having their Artist and Album info detected on Groove Music, but are detected in VLC desktop.

The best settings would be:
Read and delete all tag versions
Write only ID3V2.3 UTF-16

But: load those troublesome files into MP3tag and see which tag versions you have in those files.
If you see nothing suspicious (like APE) it could also be that some of your players rely on their own background data and overwrite the tag information.
And in general: check the files' integrity with one or more of the (freeware) utilities foobar2000, mp3val, mp3diags.

But this is more or less the advice I gave you in Is this how opening and saving files work?

Is it possible to delete all tag versions and yet keep the data within MP3Tag? Since deleting it means manually placing back all the info right? And Im also concerned with the cover art since deleting the data would mean the cover art would be lost also.

Is there a feature that deletes and rewrites the exact same data in the set IDV version?

You can cut and paste a complete tag with the functions of the file list context menu.
Yet, pasting uses only the tag versions that you have set in the Options.

I do not see the point in cutting and pasting tag and keeping them as they were - then you could leave them untouched.

Some further information: MP3tag has a hierarchy in the tag versions:

If the tag versions are out of sync then it could be that you have some data in one tag that is missing in the other.
You can check that by enabling only one tag for reading at a time.

What results did you get from the integrity checks?