Bitmap size in pixels and something at Gibson forums

Back in the day, we had to keep our cover art to a certain size, else our players might not display it. I used an old Sansa Fuze, and learned to keep my artwork at 200 by 200 pixels or less, or roughly less than 25KB in size.

I doubt this is much of a problem with today's portable devices, and am curious as to the size most people are settling upon.

Also, when trying to find these forums, I also came across this user report of a serious bug. This was a while back. Has the issue been resolved?

If only I knew which bug you could possibly be referring to ....

Not sure what to make of that.

Thoughts on bitmap size?

As you say "this" - what is "this"? I don't see any link or description to a report of a serious bug.

Yeah, the link vanished. I can see how you would be infuriated.

What about cover art size in pixels at 72dpi?

The information in the linked topic is quite dated and I'm not aware of any issues that cause Mp3tag to "heavily malforms tags".

If you or anybody from the Gibson forums reading here knows otherwise, please report the issue via #bug-reports

Regarding the cover size: can you rephrase your question? I want to be sure I understand what you're asking.

I think the whole thing has already been discussed in this thread:

without added any substantiation of the original claim that something serious would happen if you use MP3tag.
I think we can safely bury that part of this thread.

It's great when the developer takes time to interact with his community.

Not terribly long ago, portable devices such as the popular Sansa Fuze would not display tagged album art above a certain size. We were never clear if problems first arose due to limits in square pixels at a given dpi, or if tags "broke" once an enigmatic KB limit was exceeded. Today, do portables or phones exhibit similar issues? Are tagged album art sizes irrelevant? Perhaps there becomes a point at which it is wasteful to exceed a set dimension or weight in KB?

I had become accustomed to little 200x200 pixel artworks. I have to suspect that small size is unnecessary, today.

As the developer of the software, I hope you can weigh in.


According to the id3 standard
" the tag . Maximum tag size is 256 megabytes and maximum frame size is 16 megabytes"
So I would say that the maximum size of a picture is 16 megabytes.
Any other restrictions then apply to particular players - and as there are so many, it is hardly possible to guarantee any size to be foolproof.
One still has to try it with every target system.
The only thing that can be said: MP3tag will support you to adapt the tags to the needs of the target system.