both artist and title stored in title field?

I have a few albums that have both the trackname and artist stored in the artist field. How do I copy the trackname over to the track field, and remove it from the artist field?

So far I have only been succedfull in copying full tagfields to filename or the other wat around.

filenames are useless, so I can't "recopy" from there. Artist and trackname are seperated with a - it the artist field seperating the two..

Can it be done?

without any fiddeling about with regular expressions (which would be the expert way): simply rename your files with the tag contents (function tag - filename -> set the file-string to %artist%), then reimport the filename to the tags - you get immediate feedback when entering the mask like
%artist% - %title%
whether the right information will land in the correct tags.
MP3tag only writes to the set fields, so any unmentioned field (like e.g. %track%) will remain as they were.
Afterwards it my be a good idea to rename all tracks with the now updated data so that their filenames are meaningful.


I hadn't thought of that!. Just one problem, when I typed my question I didn't have the actual files present (laptop). Turns out that title and artist are not divided by - but by a slash /.

The slash doesn't get stored in the filename, I end up with just artist and title right next to eachother so I can't reimport correctly into tags.

-Can I easily replace the / with a - ?

Look into the Mp3tag help section "scripting functions", find the description of the function $replace(), learn how to use it.

For short:
This expression "$replace (%ARTIST%,'a','#','A','~')" will replace all lower case "a" letters to "#" and all "A" to "~" in the content of the tag field "ARTIST".


Thx! Will definitely look more into advanced tagging expressions!