Browsing MP3 files on my smartphone (Androïd)


I'm using W7 premium 64 bits. When I want to select the sub-directory of my Samsung tablet under Androïd, MP3tag reports "Uncorrect directory". I would say that from the MS explorer of my PC I able to browse the 400 MP3 files stored on my tablet stored in the same directory. I have installed MP3tag V.2.52 under the adminstrator's account.

Any idea ?

Many thanks

Menez Bihan

I have yet to come across this problem. Have you tried dragging the root folder of the music library into the mp3tag window.

Try to open the folder with the means of MP3tag's file menu and the function "Open folder". This should make sure that you are allowed to open the folder under the current user-id.

Also, you have to install MP3tag under the same user-id under which you want to run it.

Edit many years later: the solution is in post 12: Browsing MP3 files on my smartphone (Androïd)
You have to set the mobile into usb drive mode. MTP is not supported.

I've noticed that Mp3tag seems to have more problems than Windows does in handling odd characters in file and folder names. Do have Cyrillic characters or something similar in your directory names?

Thanks for your quick answer, the drag and drop of the music library from Explorer in m3tag doesn't work .... Is it because the music library is under Androïd ?

From the file menu I got the same error message"no valid directory name", I'm using the same Windows account where the mp3tag has been installed: Administrator. May be because I try to open a folder from Androïd ? I don't think so because I'm able to browse the diretory from the MS Explorer...

No specific characters, the directory name on the smartphone (reachable from explorer) is "media" in latin characters. I am able to browse it from the MS explorer.

You could always try bringing those files onto your computer to edit in Mp3tag, then copying them to the device when you're done.

Drag the folder, which you can browse using the explorer, from the explorer onto Mp3tag.
If that does not work, then select the files in this folder, and drag the files onto Mp3tag.


I got the same advice from another member from this forum, it doesn't work.... :flushed:

To summarize the situation:

  • From the explorer
  • I am able to browse my mp3 files located in the sub-directory \media\ of my smartphone
  • I am, of course, able to browse my mp3 file located in the sub-directory \my music\ of my PC

From Mp3tag v.2.52

  • I am unable to browse my mp3 files located in the sub-directory \media\ of my smartphone
  • I am able to browse my mp3 files located in the sub-directory \my music\ of my PC

Already done

  • Drag and drop the directory \music\ from my smartphone onto Mp3tag window => It doesn't work
  • Drag and drop mp3 files from my smartphone \music\ onto Mp3tag window => It doesn't work
  • Selected options from the "File" menu in the Mp3tag's toolbar => It doesn't work

My feeling:
The Mp3tag is able to browse mp3 files located on my PC
I can browse mp3 files located in the directory \music\ of my smartphone using my explorer

I beleive that Mp3tag soft has difficulties to browse a directory under Android.
I'm disappointed because, Mp3tag functionalities and user friendly interface match with my needs.

What's your feeling ?

Thank you for your support :book:

As part of the research:
you could add a column in the windows explorer for "owner" and see whether the folder \media (also) has "Everyone" as owner and not only some strange string with letters and numbers.

You could then try to add the (Windows-) owner "Everyone" - and hope that the android then can still access the files.
I suspect that it is a problem with read/write access.

This looks like Android uses MTP mode to connect to the PC. But that's not supported by Mp3tag. Only normal usb mode.

Thanks Ohrenkino
I'm not at home for the time being. I will try what you describe around 06:00 pm (France).For your info I got an ineresting reply from another member suspecting that Mp3tag doesn't support the MPC mode used by Android as connection mode, only USB is supported.... To be confirmed

thanks to everybody

Thanks a lot, just to confirm: the smartphone is connected using a mini USB / USB cable connected on a USB port directly on the UC.


Well, I cannot say anything about the behaviour of a smartphone with Android operating system.
Because your question offers a problem, I have never heard before, and which should not happen nowadays, it is worth to find out what is going on there.

I just want to clear the situation.

  • It seems that you interchange the folders \music\ and \media\ and the devices in your summary above, please check again.

  • There are no options in the Mp3tag "File" menu, there are only menu commands.

  • You have reported, that you can browse for folders and files using the Windows explorer in both folders \music\ and \media, in local device and remote device, without problems.
    The system and you, the user, have access to both devices. That seems to be ok.

  • Mp3tag cannot browse for files, but only for folders.
    You have reported, that you can ...
    "From Mp3tag v.2.52 ... browse my mp3 files located in the sub-directory \my music\ of my PC".
    That cannot be true.
    Browsing for files is quite not possible from within Mp3tag, because Mp3tag provides only a "Folder Open" dialog.

  • When the problem comes up "it doesn't work", you should tell us the correct error messages of the specific situation.

  • It could be that the folder /media/ is not a physical folder in the filesystem of the remote device, but sort of a logical shortcut, therefore try to find out the storage place, where the media files are stored physically on the smartphone device.


I would prefer that you test by yourself using a smartphone and correct me if necessary. May beyou will encounter the same problem. Anyway, I will wait for a couple of days on this forum with an idea or a solution. If no solution is found I wiil sadly uninstall the Mp3tag and try another one.

Oh well ...
Some more things to test: as WIndows Explorer allows to edit tags in its NTFS environment - does it also allow this on the smartphone?
Some Internet sources tell in the context of USB that it would be of advantage to set "USB debugging" to on. (Don't ask me where you find that option on the smartphone but it is supposed to be there).

And finally: if you altered your workflow so that you keep the master of your collection on a PC and sychronize it with the smartphone you could use merits of MP3tag. In respect to "backup" this would be the solution with more advantages ... a smartphone may be lost or get stolen ...

I completely agree with this. The files on your smartphone should be copies of files from a master library that you keep and maintain on a computer or file server. Although in most cases it is possible to have Mp3tag edit files on the device itself, it's not a very good long term plan.