Bulk Add/Remove extra information to Tag Fields?

I am trying to do this to different Tag Fields but will concentrate on the Comments Tags for now.
I have many Thousands of Music Files like most people today with Digital and have long been adding/expanding/segmenting my Music by using Tags in various Tag Fields.
My comments Tags 'mostly' contain different information but i want to bulk add some same information to a whole lot of files comments section without messing up/overwriting/ what is already present.

An example of one of the things i want to do is add '80s' or 'Trumpet' ect at the end of the Comments leaving a space before adding ect.

So my comments might already look like:
6 ~Trumpet

and i want it too look like:
6 ~Trumpet ~80s

So in this example i am wanting to add a space followed by ~80s to the end.

Secondly in addition there are some files i would like to bulk remove certain only certain words/characters from the comments leaving the rest untouched so an example would be
6 ~Trumpet ~80s

and i want the comments after the bulk edit to remove ~Trumpet so would all look like this
6 ~80s

I am guessing once i understand how to achieve these bulk edits in the Comments Field doing similar edits in the Genre Fields would be the same too?
Thanks for any help.

A problem that has been handled in the FAQs:


this one in a way also:

if you replace your string with nothing.

Thankyou for quick reply.
I did have a quick look through the faq batch stuff but obviously looked without seeing.
Thanks again i will dive into this later today :slight_smile:

In relation to what i asked and have been told the answer to above is it possible to do this 'in bulk' to a specific 'location' in a Tag field with specific data.

So using my above example and keeping it to Comments Tags for simplicity if i wanted to add ~80s in bulk starting in the Third 'location' in the Comments Field and leaving everything else in the Tag unedited, so:

6 ~Trumpet
6 ~80s ~Trumpet

Guessing its going to be a somewhat similar process to my original question hence why i am asking underneath it.
Thankyou to you super helpful folks :slight_smile:

It looks to me as though you want to replace


So I think it is a plain "Replace" action
Search: ~Trumpet
Replace with: ~80s ~Trumpet

Hey ohrenkino
No its not a replace as such i am asking but really an 'add specified data to a specified spot/location/point where you could add data in said Field looking at it from Left to Right?

So in this example its in between between data already there i want to keep.

So my example i am using is with 2 existing and separate Data points (obviously would/could easily be more than 2 existing and seperate Data points if doing in bulk so) and adding a third new 'specific' Data point, in this example '~80s' i want to add beginning in the Third spot along/location/where you could enter data in the Comments Field.

****Third spot along
By this i mead Third spot along in the Field where you allowed to enter characters ect.
So a Third spot along would be where to illustrate i will add a X below:
Fourth spot along:
Fifth spot along:

Hoping this explains it better, its hard sometimes being more clear :slight_smile:

What is the separator between the "spots"?
Do the same strings always appear in the same spot?
Is there already existing data so that one knows, oh yes, this has to be inserted into a specific position?
Still, you would need a separate action of every string for every "spot".

E.g. I could think of something like (for "Format value"):
$regexp('6 ~trumpet',(.*?) ~(.*),$1 ~80s ~$2)

To get predictable results, you would need to fill the field with a dummy string that already contains all "spots". Only then would it be possible to address a certain position. I mean: if you want to set the second spot but the first one has not yet been filled ... what now? (THe same applied to all the other spots)

What is the separator between the "spots"?
Just simple spaces/blanks/absence of any character(not underscores ect)

Is there already existing data so that one knows, oh yes, this has to be inserted into a specific position?
Yes. I am thinking along the lines of wanted to add/or indeed remove specific data from a specified spot/location.

I will have more of a think on it as it seems it is going to be more complicated(at least for me) being somewhat of a MP3tag noob to deal with, maybe i can go about this a different way ect :slight_smile:

Ok, it looked like the ~ in the examples you gave. Nevermind.
If you have only single words then perhaps a \w+ is a good placeholder.
But to get a decent solution it needs a real life example, I would assume.
I do not think that it has a lot to do with noobism to handle a certain data structure.
But probably one has to consider whether a piece of information is defined by the position or by the actual string - and that MP3tag does not "understand" the meaning.

How to replace the string "xyz" in tag-fields or filenames?

Create a new action in an existing action group and choose Replace as action type.

Field specifies the parts of the tags/filename the replace rule should be applied to.
Original is the string that is going to be changed in Field.
Replace with is the string that replaces the string in Original. If you leave it empty, the string will be deleted.

***The "Backslash" in my examples below should be 2 Backslashes but i guess this forum does not want 2 backslashes being post together so when you see only 1 in the example below it is actually 2 in my Comments on my machine.

I have followed the instructions above to remove a string from my Comments Tags but it does no work. It literally changes nothing. The instructions are simple but maybe i am even more simple? WTF
I am trying to Bulk remove the initial 5 characters in the Comments Tag:
_mh\6 _mh

to leave said files:
6 _mh

So my "New Action" i create looks like:
Replace with: (this is just left blank as per instruction)

******Additional information so you can maybe see more what i am dealing with?
The first 5 characters have been added to about 1000 files comments somewhere along in my workflow between Foobar2000, Rekordbox and Backups.
The first 5 character "_mh\" don't show up in Windows Properties Dialogue Comments, or in Rekordbox Comments but show up like this "_mh\ 6 _mh" in MP3tag and in Foobar2000 as "_mh 6 _mh"

You can post them like this: \\ enlcosed in the grave accent.

This is because the 3 backslashes cause MP3tag to create multi-value fields. If you check the extended tags dialogue for such a file you will see that you have the old comment (which is probably 6_mh) and another one also with 6_mh.

You can either merge the duplicate fields with an action - but please use a different separator than the double backslash
or you can remove duplicate fields, also with an action. Here you should be sure that all duplicate fields really have the same contents as only one field will survive.

Many thanks my Friend, yes indeed right clicking the file and checking Extended Tags did indeed show this extra Comment as a seperate Tag.
So it was a simple case of just adding these files to MP3tag, highlighting them all, selecting the offending extra Tag by way of Extended Tags dialogue and deleting them all with a couple of clicks.
Again, many thanks.
Trying to sort out many Thousands of Music Files Tag information is one of the most infuriating things i have done in recent times. I really need a Drink :slight_smile: