Bulk updating Tags

Could somebody advise me if it is possible to export all my tags into Excel, update the tags then import the updated tags back. I have lots of tags to update and using excel would make much easier

I believe that's possible. You'd need to export/save the data from Excel into a text file for importing back into Mp3tag.

But what makes you think doing things in Excel would be easier than doing the same in Mp3tag? It's well worth learning to use Mp3tag features like filters, actions and scripting before falling back on something like that.

One thing you have going for you in Mp3tag is being able to update a whole album pretty easily by selecting all the files in the album, filling in or changing data in the Tag Panel and hitting Save. No need to update the same field in every file in an album. In Mp3tag you also have filters that let you do things like work only on files that are missing a particular field, or with a field of a certain value. Plus many, many other tools for automating your tagging.

Reason being is that I am an expert with Excel and have functions and macros that will clean the tags very quickly (20,000 tags). I could also use looks-ups to check the integrity of the data.
Could some body give me the details how this could be done please.

Hey Dego,

Sure, it's easy.

  1. Select all the files you want to export tags for in the MP3Tag file list
  2. Click the Actions menu
  3. Choose Action (Quick)
  4. In the drop-down list select "Export" and click OK
  5. Choose the "CSV" configuration
  6. Click the ellipsis (...) button and choose the location we want to save to
  7. Type the name of the export filename in the box provided
  8. Choose the "Append data" or "One file per directory options if you need to
  9. Click OK, your tages will be exported.

Be aware that CSV stands "Comma Separated Values". However, the default MP3Tag export uses semicolons as delimiters. To open this file in Excel, you don't want to just double-click on it. Instead, use these steps:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Click the File menu, then click Open
  3. Navigate to where your file is and open it. This will start the "Text Import Wizard"
  4. Make sure the "Delimited" option is chosen and click Next.
  5. Check the "Semicolon" check box and clear all the others.
  6. Click Finish button.

This should do it for you!


Hi Dego,

Sorry, I forgot to answer the second part of your question.

To import the csv file back in, you use the Text file - Tag option on the Convert menu. You just need to fill out the Format String field to represent the order of the fields in the import file.

Be sure to double-check the string against the file format before clicking OK. Of course, if you make a mistake you can use the great multi-level Undo feature, fix the format string and try again.

You can enter or correct the data in the csv file, but you can also copy and paste data into the csv from websites and other sources. FOr larger albums and collections I often copy the track list from sites like Amazon.com, paste it into Excel, do a little cleanup and then import the csv into MP3Tag.

That's actually why I started using this tool, my music library got very corrupted and I am in the process of rebuilding it using MP3Tag and iTunes.

Just a note to everyone: Rarely have I found such a useful, versatile and stable utility available on a donation basis with no ads or nags! If this tool has been as valuable to you as it was to me, please consider making a donation.

Have fun!


Seems to be topic of the day :sunglasses:

If you're truly an expert you've probably overcome them, but I've been annoyed too many times by Excel's idiosyncrasies wrt generic CSV processing, it seems to reflect MS's arrogance about it knows better than the user and doesn't respect the standard out of the box.

See this post and this one (also linked in the former) for my preferred toolset ATM, but of course feel free to ignore this if you really prefer to work in Excel that much.

But even then you may want to have a look at CSVed's "export to XLS" feature set - just the fact of its complexity is quite an eye-opener.

Thank you guys for all your comments but there is one thing still puzzling me. Don't you have to ensure that you declare the location of each file to enable the process to update the tag. If it does not specify the location when you export how will it know it when you import.

Please excuse me if I am missing the obvious

Thanks again guys for all your help


The best error free binding relation is the absolute filepath, so one csv line relates to one file, given by the value of the system pseudo tag-field "%_path%" on export and on import selected by the placeholder "%_path%".
The "%_path%" item can reside at any position in the csv line.
I use to put it at the very end of the csv line.
See also ...
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Really, there is absolutely no need to figure out the details on this yourself, at least wrt to getting the data set into and out of your files with MP3Tag - just use the "full export" add-on I referenced in my other posts, everything "just works".

To answer your question, there are two options, if you are exporting a separate CSV per folder (e.g. that's how you've grouped your albums) then use the _filename_ext internal "virtual fieldname", and this leaves the relation intact even if you move the file set around to other locations.

This is what I use myself, most of the time working on one album/show set at a time.

If you are dragging and dropping a whole folder tree into MP3Tag and want to export/import everything via a single CSV file, then selecting that option will make use of the _path internal "virtual fieldname", which is the complete path.

Of course you can use tools like CSVed or Excel or whatever to rebuild the fullpath information to whatever you like and it will work as long as it matches reality at import time, but it is another step to have to deal with.

Sorry to drive you mad but I have a issue I am using the Mp3tagCompleteTags and it is working fine. But it is not doing what I need. It exports the Tag fields that are populated not what i want to populate. For example I have the BPM information for all my MP3 and wish to get this information into the tags.

So I want to export the following fields for every MP3 irrespective if it is currently populated.
Rating MM

I then wish to import them into Excel which is not possible with Mp3tagCompleteTags because it does not use a common delimiter It uses | and x so what I do is replace them with comma's so that I can import the data into Excel. The data is updated and saved as comma separated text file. Now i have a problem when I try to use Text file - Tags if I amend 00 ImportString.txt to match the exported comma separated data I exported from Excel it does not work.

I replace the | and x with comma's

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong, why does the 00 ImportString.txt have | and x.

All I want to do is export the above tags, edit them in Excel and import them back in.

I know this application is provided free and time is money but if somebody can the scripts i will make an appropriate donation.

Thank you in advance

Example of data attached


Not doing anything wrong, that's just what the developers of the add-on chose, I found it a little odd myself that they gave the first column a unique delimiter. Perhaps if you contacted them you could persuade them to change their export format to standard CSV as per the RFC.

Note that many plain text editors (as in programmer's type, not a word processor) can search and replace based on regular expressions. I use jEdit for such tasks, but if you do coding you'll most likely find your editor has that capability.

A kludgier but perhaps easier workaround would be manually inserting the character in a column in Excel. Or maybe just leave the first two columns as if they're one, you're not editing them right?

Worst case scenario create your own report/export format, using theirs as a starting point, the only problem with that is if you end up adding new/custom fields later on you'll have to maintain your export manually.

If you want to export to Excel then use the CSV export template 002 csv tag dump utf-16

The main purpose of the 003 txt tag backup config is to be a backup. Not really made for external editing.

Thanks all for your patience with me, I have with perseverance have managed to sort it out working ok now.

Kind Regards