Can I find how compressed a FLAC file is?

I have dBpoweramp installed. When I hover over a filename a tag displays the meta tags. It also displays the percent compressed. Some FLAC files have no compression. Basically a WAVE file with tags. Is there a way I could find these?

see e.g. here:

Thanks for responding. I saw that article before posting. That article is asking about the Compression Level that one sets when encoding to FLAC. I'm asking for the percent of compression, like dBpoweramp shows. Though admittedly 0% compression is the same as Compression Level 0.

I guess that would require decoding the file and then comparing audio data sizes. Since MP3Tag does not deal with audio decoding that's probably not easily possible.

But the dBpoweramp tool tip pops up almost instantly. Let me see what the tool tip is on an MP3... Same. It displays the percent compression. A much larger number, of course.

Isn't it just the calculation of file size divided by the calculated size if no compression. You know the duration. You know the bit rate. You can get the uncompressed size.

This can depend on VBR or CBR, compression types, etc. I don’t think this is a simple formula in many cases.

I've found a way. If I add a Bitrate column, and sort by Bitrate, all the ones with a rate around 1411 are uncompressed FLACs.

But I hit a road block. I do all my navigation by pasting the path into whatever. I right click on a track in MP3tag and I can't copy the path from the Properties window. And I don't see it anyplace else. So how do I get the path (I'll edit down to folder) into the clipboard?

Same answer as another time you asked. :grinning:

I don't follow. This is my first asking how to copy the path. I'm looking at a list of tracks on the right. I right click on one of the tracks. The Properties window pops up. I can't copy from the Path row. And I don't see that Path anyplace else where I can copy it from.

If you say so.
Have you created and used the tool that I described in the thread you started in Bug Reports on August 13?
The link is in my previous post.

Here is some official documentation: